Rebellions Are Built On Hope

Nintendo has been out of the console race for some time after the huge numbers behind the Nintendo Wii fizzled out with mild interest. The Wii started with a whirlwind, but ended with a whimper, and as a result the Wii U had dismal sales numbers for the lifespan of the console. With six years of middling results, Nintendo had to capture lightning in a bottle to win back the hearts of fans, and it feels like they might have finally done it. There hasn't been this much anticipation for any console before, and it's hard to nail down exactly why.

In a world of online gaming, Nintendo is taking yet another risk when it comes to console development by touting the return of local multiplayer. Every part of their advertising and marketing have shown of the mobility of their console, and the impromptu nature of gaming on a Switch. Nintendo is going after busier-than-ever millennials and gaming on the road, and looking to prove that they've learned from the mistakes of the Wii and Wii U.

What has people perhaps most excited is that the Switch is launching with the much-awaited return of the Legend of Zelda franchise. Not unlike the Switch, the game features a new look for signature heroes Zelda and Link, and for the first time, is taking to the open world. Despite the limited processing power of the Switch, the game looks gorgeous, and by all initial reports of those who have played the game, it's a true return to form for Nintendo.

All of these aspects converging simultaneously have created a cult of personality around the Switch. Now we get to see if this tidal wave of momentum can carry the console, and Nintendo, back to past glory. Is the Switch the console we've all been waiting for?

Rebellions Are Built On Hope