Drawing Dead is a card game where players assume the role of a saloon patron from the Wild West in order to lie, cheat, and steal their way through a game of stud poker for the highest stakes imaginable: their souls. The characters in this world are doomed to walk the land of both the living and the dead, hoping to win this game in order to buy themselves a restful sleep — six feet under.

In order to win, players will have to play one of the many roles available to them and use the characters' special powers to improve their own hands and stop their opponents'. The game is familiar to those who know only the basics of poker, but robust enough to keep even the most avid gamer invested from start to finish.

Drawing Dead's Kickstarter campaign was funded in November 2016 and will be available in mid-2017. Please visit drawingdeadgame.com and sign up for the mailing list to get all the latest news and deals, including a discounted preorder when available!

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Drawing Dead should be sent to the printers in February of 2017 and will be available no later than August.

More info coming soon!