A story game about desperate survival in a harsh land. Create your wilderness, share your plight, and persevere.

What kind of Wilderness will you create? How will you survive? Perseverant helps you tell a complete and compelling story of survival, self-sacrifice, drama, and betrayal in a single session.

We lost our way around the Pamir Mountains; hope dwindled even faster than our food supply. The donkeys were easy to eat; the dogs, not so much. Now, there's only one source of meat left...

Dying in space is a silent, lingering affair. There's no sound when you scream, no bacteria to consume your remains. The dead bobbed around our ship's debris like the rest of us, faces locked in final visages of terror.

Another night, another descent into the tunnels. The sun's molten flow trailed behind us, illuminating the caves with boiling heat, chasing us closer to the core of the earth. Eyes blind, skin blistered, I follow the shuffling steps of those ahead of me.

Perseverant is a tabletop roleplaying game about the struggle to survive in a brutal wilderness.

To start, players collaborate to create the Wilderness, its significant locales and deadly challenges, how their characters are connected, and why they traverse this hellish landscape.

Throughout play, the characters will confront both the Wilderness and each other, haunted by the grim specter of betrayal and sacrifice. It's unlikely that everyone will survive.

The game works with any kind of setting--from the arid Silk Road to the vastness of space--so long as there are people determined to pass through an inhospitable environment.

Perseverant is designed to create an entire story in a single session lasting two to four hours, and supports between two and five players. Since it's a collaborative story game, it doesn't require a GM or any preparation; you'll start creating your desperate journey as soon as you sit down to play.

Perseverant is inspired by collaborative story games like Microscope, Downfall, and Fiasco. The game provides players with cues and inspiration (more aggressively than most) to help them create and frame each scene. This firm but flexible mechanism helps prevent them from getting creatively stuck and alleviates the improvisational pressure common in story games.

The game unfolds as the group creates the Wilderness, makes their characters, and determines how (and if) they overcome the journey. The initial collaborative phase--making the Wilderness and coming up with the complex web of characters--gets everyone's creative juices flowing and aligns the group's expectations.

In order to unify each story's theme, the players decide on some of its narrative elements (and aspects of its Wilderness) before getting started. The players won't know which of these elements will come up during the game, or when, but they create the foundation for a coherent narrative that's different every time. The unpredictability of these elements' arrival keeps the tension high and the story interesting.

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