Planet Flip is a physics puzzle game where each level is split across two planets. You’ll need to guide our rather forgetful alien explorer, Bob, back to where he parked his spaceship (with his hazard lights on, of course). But you can only teleport him to the same position on the opposite planet, so you’ll need to carefully plan your route, flipping between planets as you go.

Explore a variety of planets with different terrain, weather effects and screen orientations. Fall “down” on one planet and use Bob’s momentum to carry him past obstacles on the other. Teleport mid-jump into an underwater world and float back upwards before planet-flipping back again. Make use of giant space magnets and skilfully manoeuvre hostile aliens out of the way and laugh maniacally as you send them off the screen. Or into solid rock.

  • Developer: Scheming Cat
  • Releasing on: iOS


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