A classical dark epic fantasy Indie RPG, where you control a party of up to 5 adventurers, in the world of Eternalia.

An Indie RPG (Role Playing Game) that will see you travel over the west part of the continent known as Eternalia, looting, questing, killing monsters while followed during your adventures by up to four companions – there are up to ten different companions that could join your cause.

During the adventures, you will also gather allies, territories and regiments to make an army that you will need to fight enemies. During the game, depending on your actions and the Spiritual Path you choose, the companions willing to join you or stay with you will be different, and applies to the regiments you can recruit for your army.

There are some antogonist rewards you will get by choosing a particular decision that favour one spiritual path. Choose to fight slavers, and a Paladin companion might join you, choose to help the slavers and you may get gold and a dark paladin in your party. Those are your choices, and it is up to you to shape the destiny of you character as well as Eternalia course of events.

Platforms: PC


We want to make the game with you!

Once crowdfunding is over we will launch a survey on how you prefer the videogame to get delivered. That's where you come in. Get in touch here or on Steam and tell us what you want!

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