The Misfits is a stylized, third-person arena shooter with one objective in mind: kill or be killed. No class upgrades, no exo-suits — no problem.

Take advantage of cover, crouching, jumping, sliding, weapon pickups, a day/night cycle and good old-fashioned communication to destroy the opposing team. For our full release, we plan to ship with eight unique maps and multiple team-oriented game modes.


Have you ever had a debt too big to pay? This group of extraordinary individuals have one unique factor that unites them: to be free from a sinister mob boss who purchased all the debt owed by these individuals and their degenerate family members.

To pay off their debts, this crew must take down all opposing gangs throughout the city and build up territory. Once these Misfits figure out that they can never get out of debt, the only solution is to overthrow the boss and take down his reign. Only by working together as a team can they make this a reality.

  • Genre: Third Person Shooter
  • Platforms: PC, Mac
  • Players: 2 to 20 players
  • Release: Winter 2017

The Misfits Gameplay Trailer


Help us test the pre-alpha build!

Come join our developers and dedicated fans for some bullet-slinging madness. We just recently started our initial pre-alpha testing of The Misfits. If you want in on the action, send us an email. See you in game.

[email protected]

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