Welcome! Yokai Sword is a fast paced 2D hack and slash.

You have to control a skilled ninja and defeat waves of enemies. Each wave consists of sets of yokais and a boss. The series has been carefully designed to create a satisfying game experience and are slightly different in each game, and there is also a system that randomly generates skills levels which make it even more fun. And if not exciting enough, the player only has one life, if he dies, he starts again.

Yokai Sword takes you back to the golden age of 2D! Return to the times you would play (local) with your friends, brothers and sisters.

  • Developer: Chloroplast Games
  • Releasing on: PC, MAC and Linux (Console in the future)


Follow Yokai Sword

We currently work full time at this game for finish the game as soon as possible but that only happening if you help us to bring Yokai Sword to Steam. We are working very hard to release an early access version. Stay tuned and get involved!