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There's a lot you can do with 100 people in ! Stand them on top of a moving plane to see if they can last a roundtrip. Leave them on a runway in an attempt to prevent a jumbo jet from landing. Even let them collide with an unstoppable tram to revel in the chaotic aftermath—it's great!

But in the latest "100 vs X" video, 100 citizens from the sandy shores of Los Santos where forced to go up against a helicopter, or rather, a helicopter's blades. Things got very messy.

The Madness of GTA V: 100 People Go Head-To-Head With A Helicopter

So, first things first. The creator needs to find a way to suspend 100 NPCs over the blades of a helicopter. Easy:

Spawn in a big old sign and drop them all on to it. Then you just need to ensure the physics remain while you take away the giant sign:

Much better. With the obstacles out of the way, and the helicopter's blades at the ready, we can finally see how this thing turns out. You may want to mute the sound for this.

Told ya.

What kind of crazy things have you done in GTA V?


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