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These days phones have a lot of customization and you can personalize both the ringtones and most notification alerts. Video games make great notifications due to their short but attention grabbing sound effects. And they're just cool to have on your phone! We've gathered 20 ringtones, ranging from classic to unique, but the possibilities are endless.

1. Super Mario Brothers Theme Song

We really can’t go wrong with a classic here. This is one of the most iconic and recognizable theme songs, but still unique enough to set apart your cell phone's ring. There are quite a few versions you can choose from, but I went with the classic due to nostalgia value.

2. Super Mario Brothers: Coin Sound

Another iconic sound and perfect for text message or notification tones. It's short and to the point and you can pretend you're getting those coins every time your emails come in.

3. Pokémon Sound Effects

This features a plethora of great sound effects from Pokémon: receiving an item, picking up an item, evolution sound, sound from bumping into a wall, saving the game, teleporting, running away, swift sound, healing your Pokémon, and Cricketune's cry. Why settle for one sound effect when there are many? This is great to keep all your notifications thematic.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog: Ring Sound

Another iconic sound, this is from collecting the rings in Sonic the Hedgehog. You can use each individual ring sound for alerts or the whole sequence for maximum ring effect.

5. Zelda, Ocarina of Time: Treasure Chest Sound

This sound is usually exciting, since it happens when Link reaches into a large treasure chest for a cool item

6. Zelda: Navi "Hey Listen!"

Never hear your text messages? Forget to answer your phone? This one is bound to get your attention and keep it. If you need something slightly annoying, this is perfect. Navi gets a lot of attention for being perhaps the most annoying sidekick ever due to her incessant interruptions in the game with this very sound file. Perhaps you may want to use this sparingly.

7. World of Warcraft: Fel Reaver

Want to strike fear into the hearts of former WoW players? I’ve been tempted to change my text message notification to this just to see who would react. This is the sound the Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula makes from Burning Crusade. For a gigantic death machine, it sure was sneaky. It somehow had the ability to sneak up on unsuspecting levelers, their only warning being this sound before they went splat.

8. World of Warcraft: Darkmoon Faire Carousel

WoW players know this as the creepy Darkmoon Faire Carousel they ride once a month when the Darkmoon Faire is in town to get their rep and xp buff. I've been using this as my ringtone for years. It’s delightfully haunting.

9. Final Fantasy VIII: Save Sound

Pretty explanatory, this is the sound when you save the game in Final Fantasy VIII. It has a wonderful chime to it and makes a great text message sound.

10. Final Fantasy: Victory Fanfare

Do you like the Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare? Well, how about all of them? This video has all 16 victory fanfares to choose from for cool ringtones so you can choose your favorite version.

11. StarCraft 2: Incoming Transmission

So nerdy. And so perfect. This is the sound effect from the adjutant in Starcraft 2 for incoming messages.

12. Mass Effect: Normandy

Video game soundtracks like Mass Effect are great for ringtones. They’re instrumental and aren’t instantly recognizable like classics such as Super Mario Brothers are. They blend in well enough, but will be recognized by the fans. It’s a good way to add a touch of personalization without completely standing out. And you get a pretty epic sounding ringtone.

13. Mass Effect: Samantha Traynor Call

Another nerdy yet perfect notification tone. This is the sound in Mass Effect when Samantha Traynor notifies Commander Shepard of incoming calls and emails.

14. Call of Duty: Tactical Nuke Alarm

The tactical Nuke in Call of Duty is a reward for getting 25 consecutive kills. It appears to be relatively hard to get, which is good because this sound is obnoxious. Use sparingly. Unless you have trouble waking up, then this should be able to get you out of bed.

15. Game of Thrones: 8-Bit Version

This isn’t technically a video game ringtone, but the Nintendo 8-bit style spin is close enough. There have been quite a few theme songs done this way, a great way to mix in popular favorites with a creative twist.

16. Street Fighter 2: Ryu's Hadouken Sound

This is here just for the pure hilarity of it. This is the sound Ryu makes in Street Fighter 2 when he performs the Hadouken move: a special attack with a fireball-like surging energy punch. This is one of the most iconic attacks in Street Fighter, and the sound effect is a little cheesy, which makes it fun to use.

17. Galaga Theme

Galaga is one of the classic arcade games back in 1981. The player controls a starfighter, shooting bullets into the enemy formations to take out the aliens. It had a brief cameo in The Avengers when one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. technicians was playing it on the bridge of the Helicarrier.

18. Portal: Turret Voice Lines

These are all of the Turrets' voice clips from Portal. Any of these would make great notification tones, especially when the great robot uprising happens and your phone turns sentient.

19. Splinter Cell: Night Vision Goggles Sound Effect

This is the activation sound for the night vision goggles in Splinter Cell. It's a nice little nod to video games without being too obvious, and you can always just pass it off as "generic electronic sound #3".

20. Assassin’s Creed: Venice Rooftop Theme

Like Mass Effect, epic video game soundtracks are great for ringtones without being completely obvious as to what they're from. Assassin's Creed flight across the rooftops in Venice makes a great ringtone. It has all the epic elements and fits right in.

Still not enough? Check out Most Memorable Videogames Music for more songs.

What's your favorite video game themed ringtone?


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