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Updated to include information released after Microsoft's conference.

New details have emerged from Life Is Strange's official Reddit and Square Enix's blog. We now know the title will release for PS4 and Steam, in addition to Xbox One and is being developed by Deck Nine Games.

The story will take place three years before the original game with Max absent for it's entirety. Time travel will not be present but other "strange elements do make a return".

Each episode is about three hours and there will be an additional fourth episode titled, "Farewell". It will release after the new three episodes and will have players in the role of a much younger Max in a self-contained story, taking place prior to Before The Calm.

About the bonus episode the team posted:

Max’s ‘Farewell’ episode really is just a bonus episode for those who would like to play as her one final time.

This pretty much confirms Life Is Strange Season 2 will focus on completely new characters.

There will also be three editions of the game:

  • Complete Season: All 3 episodes.
  • Season Pass: Allows access to episodes 2 & 3 after a separate purchase of episode 1.

The Deluxe Edition will include all three episodes in addition to:

  • Bonus Episode: "Farewell".
  • Mixtape Mode, a main menu option which allows you to create a playlist of the in-game licensed music and set it to play against an in-game moment of calm.
  • The Outfit Pack, a set of three additional outfit options that Chloe can change into at certain points in the story.

You can also check out the developer diary below that goes into details about Storyforge, a tool that allows the team to script write and create points where the story will shift based on player choices. And if Storyforge wasn't enough, Ashly Burch, Chloe's voice actor has now joined the writing team.

Original post is as follows.

Of all the surprises to come from the Microsoft Press Conference, there was a (slightly) unexpected surprise. Life Is Strange will be getting a prequel!

Appropriately titled Before The Storm, the prequel will tell the story of Chloe and Rachel Amber before and (leading up to?) the latter's disappearance. The first episode will release August 31st of this year.

Couldn't Have Been Announced At A Better Time

The last month has been great for fans of Life Is Strange as a sequel was recently announced with details to come at a later date. For new comers, the complete first season of Life Is Strange is free this month for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

With the game being a prequel, it'll be a wonder how the choices in the prequel will tie in into what's been established in the original. Either way more Life Is Strange is always welcome. Here's to more about the new game at E3.

It's also worth noting, the game will not be developed by DontNodEntertainment and unlike many other games shown at the conference, Before The Storm was not said to be an exclusive, thus making a multi-platform release likely.

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Update Source: Square Enix Blog, Life Is Strange Reddit


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