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The Nintendo Switch announcement delivered pretty much everything we thought it would. However, the official teaser still managed to blow Nintendo fans away, leaving us desperately wanting more. The tantalizing release date of March 2017 is drawing near and the next six months are sure to be packed with big announcements about the launch titles for the console.

In the past, got the launches of the Wii U and 3DS wrong, offering little in the way of big titles for people to get stuck into on day one. There was also nothing out there that showed the full capabilities of the hardware in the first year of the consoles being on the shelves. Has Nintendo recognized this? Will the company show it's learnt from its mistakes this time round?

Below are my suggestions for games that I feel either deserve a remake, or would massively help with the marketing of the console coming up to its release.

1. Metroid Fusion

With Metroid Fusion, it seems a fantastic way to bring back the Nintendo franchise to relevance, along with the release of Federation Force on the 3DS in August. Samus Aran hasn’t been seen in a non-port game on a home console since 2010, so what better way to revisit her than with a solid game that was loved by fans and critics alike?

The 2002 game holds an average score on Metacritic of 92/100, which is impressive, but has never been updated to the standards of today. Next month marks the 14th anniversary of its release, so Fusion deserves to be brought back into gamers' collections.

Metroid protagonist Samus Aran.
Metroid protagonist Samus Aran.

Nintendo did something similar with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the , updating a game that was almost guaranteed to sell well, considering how highly regarded it was. The only issue would be whether to change any features or extend the storyline, or make use of the astronomical change in graphics. It would be a leap to go from GBA graphics and screen size to something on your .

2. Professor Layton

Professor Layton and the Lost Future — the last game in the original Layton trilogy — is approaching eight years since its initial release in Japan. The games were a memorable part of what made the Nintendo DS so successful and accessible for a new audience of gamers. The simplistic gameplay followed a solid narrative that was regularly broken up by a mammoth amount of puzzles and brainteasers, which were largely very well made and challenging.

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The Layton series could release a new game in which you would be able to use a classic controller to solve all the puzzles within the game, which could and should work just fine. The series making a full comeback would be warmly received by the DS/Wii gaming community that has since perhaps taken a step back from consoles in preference of mobile gaming. A remake of the original trilogy would be something I’d love to see, although I’m not sure whether that would work, unless the Switch has a touchscreen. Presumably that would be a huge selling point and something that Nintendo would have shown off, or at the very least hinted toward, so it’s doubtful there will be one.

3. Pokémon Red And Blue

They said the Pokémon series would only ever be on portable consoles, and while that will still strictly be true, the idea of finally being able to explore a whole region of the world in HD graphics on a home console sounds amazing. With the interest in the series now bigger than it’s ever been at any other point in the last 10–15 years, a play of the nostalgia card would be a wise decision for Nintendo. Offering fans the chance to go back and explore the Kanto region — not visited since 2010’s Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver — would tempt a lot of people.

Game Freak has set a trend of rebooting the oldest game in the canon every time a new console comes out. Technically that would now be FireRed and LeafGreen, having both come out in 2004 on the Game Boy Advance. They were themselves a remake of the originals at the time, introducing a fresh area to explore and integrating all the new features that had been introduced since the series' inception. We will have to wait and see what happens with this, as Game Freak is unlikely to announce anything to do with a new game until a few months after Sun and Moon have come out, in case people decide to skip the games in favor of waiting for the Switch title.

Honorable Mentions

No list of future Nintendo releases is complete without mention of Mario or Zelda, but the gaming juggernaut has already shown the non-elf and the non-plumber in the announcement footage, so it's as good as guaranteed that they'll be there on launch day. Other longstanding Nintendo series that would work well and haven’t had a solid game in a few years are Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Dragon Quest. As long as Nintendo sticks to the tried-and-tested formula that has been set out with its respective series so far, it can’t go far wrong with first-year Switch titles helping to build up a solid library of games for the new console.

There is sure to be a left-field game, too, like Kid Icarus, during the build-up to the 3DS launch. Bringing back a character that's been left in the shadows for a long time would be a fun thing for Nintendo to do; Sony has shown recently that it can be done very well, with the Crash Bandicoot series spinning back into our homes. I’m hopeful of less gimmicky, third-party inclusions. As innovative as the and Wii U were, they were also a nightmare for playing games that came out on the Xbox and PlayStation, purely because the additional features were difficult to work around, rather than a brilliant extra for developers.

The Nintendo Switch will hit shelves in March 2017.


Which gaming series should be re-released for the Nintendo Switch?


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