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Whenever people think of , they tend to think of Exo Jumps, supply drops and futuristic settings.

Being a Call of Duty fan for six years, ever since the release of Black Ops, I do understand why people don't like the current state of this franchise. Fans want the gameplay to go back to boots-on-ground warfare, with a meaty campaign that doesn't feature a futuristic setting.

But to be honest, I think Infinite Warfare is actually a great game!

No, Stop! Let Me Explain, Please!

OK! Think about this for a minute. While I do empathize with some who think this franchise should go back to basics, I also don't agree with their stance. Here are three reasons why Infinite Warfare is a better game than the naysayers give it credit for.

1. Memorable Characters That We Care About!

Characters such as Nick Reyes.

And characters such as Lieutenant Nora Salter.

And what about our favorite humanoid robot Ethan?

Let's not forget about Team Metal's Gator.

These are just a few among many other great characters. Keep in mind, this game is developed by Infinity Ward, the same developers responsible for creating the Trilogy and Ghosts.

This company knows how to tell good stories while also producing fun first-person shooters. So like its predecessors, of course Infinite Warfare would have memorable characters. Reyes and Salter are relatable people who hate the war, just like so many of us would. And Ethan is very funny with a big personality, especially for a robot.

2. The Missions Are Very Fun And Versatile

The quests in the franchise's campaign are the most important element of this series. They need to be very entertaining so the player can have a good time, while also telling a compelling story filled with great emotion. When it comes to this point, Infinite Warfare knocks it out of the park.

There are a variety of missions the player can take part in — not only the main campaign missions, but also side missions just for kicks. These include boots-on-ground missions on Earth, or exploring different planets in a futuristic space jet.

The assignments always feel like they're part of one big movie, with likable characters, emotional action and superb cinematography.

3. The Franchise Evolves

This is one of the biggest video game franchises of all time, with having developed the games since 2003. In the past 13 years, it's inspirational to see the developers taking great pains to ensure the franchise is always evolving. It all kicked off with world war .

Then swiftly moved on to the backdrop of modern warfare. Speaking of which, check out the trailer below for the remaster of Modern Warfare.

Before transitioning into the Cold War.

Then we were given a setting that involved futuristic warfare.

After that, we went post-apocalyptic.

And finally, we headed into space to battle it out.

This all paints a very different picture to what we get with the Battlefield franchise. Don't get me wrong, is a solid game.

But it doesn't transition well. It just does modern war and world war, and that's it.

Do you agree with these points? Disagree? Let me know down in the comments below. If you have quit the series, what would it take to bring you back?


Do you think 'Infinite Warfare' is a good game?


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