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In 2013, released the highly acclaimed video game . With main protagonists Joel and Ellie, the game took players across the US in search of the underground militia called the Fireflies. Its suspenseful and survival-based gameplay forced gamers to rethink their approach to several kinds of enemies that varied from uninfected humans to large, infected, zombie-like creatures called Bloaters.

Only a year after its release, it was announced that a film version of the video game would surface, with Sam Raimi at the helm.

It's been two years since the announcement and so far and nothing has come to fruition — until a recent press junket shed new light on the project.

According to IGN, Raimi say the film is at a standstill and he doesn't "have the power to move it."

Now, most fans are probably wondering why it's been so difficult to make this film a reality. Allow me to discuss three possible reasons why The Last of Us will never make a great film.

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1. Naughty Dog Storytelling

The general consensus is that Naughty Dog knows how to make great games, with impeccable storytelling that pushes and pulls the heartstrings at just the right moments to jolt you out of your mundane life and into the world of the game. From its humble beginnings with Crash Bandicoot, Naughty Dog has established itself as a name that's synonymous with high-quality gaming. It's for this reason that a film version of The Last of Us will never work.

The Last of Us cannot be translated into a cinematic version because the game is already like a long film in and of itself. You feel for the characters. You understand the great peril they're subjecting themselves to by seeking out the Fireflies. A film adaptation would result in a redundant version of the game that would lose its appeal and notion of suspense.

2. Joel And Ellie's Stories Are Done

As a finished product, including the DLC side story of Ellie, The Last of Us is a complete game with nothing else to offer. Joel and Ellie have resolved their character arcs that started before the pandemic began, ending with Joel making the selfish decision to save Ellie instead of mankind. We know their past and we know their future. We've seen them battle it out with people, with Clickers and with Bloaters. Sure, a film version would allow for more realistic gore and action, but there's no need to sacrifice the character's story for that.

3. A Netflix Opportunity

Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen as Joel and Ellie?
Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen as Joel and Ellie?

The Last of Us is a magnificent experience. While I have my reservations about it being made into a great film, a TV series is a solid option for such a dense game. has been pumping out great content with unique storylines that are not subject to ad deals in order to account for their existence. Instead of making a film, I think The Last of Us would benefit from having a run as a television series.

There are many tidbits in the game that could be delved into in order to learn more about the , the downfall of the US, or maybe even fill in the gap between Joel's loss of his daughter and his meeting with Ellie. A film is much too short to do all of these details justice. However, a TV show format would allow for more flexibility, with numerous options on where to start the story and where to end it.

What do you think is best for a The Last of Us adaptation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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