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The Silph Road is at it again. After it was mentioned that there would be some sort of hidden Easter Egg within Pokémon GO's buddy system, trainers began searching far and wide to find it. Turns out, that Easter Egg is pretty awesome: As an homage to the anime, if you walk 10km with Pikachu as your buddy, he'll appear on your shoulder!

I always love little nods like this, and it's not the first time Niantic has done one of these. But hopefully, it's also not the last. Below are several Easter Eggs that I'd love to see added to Pokémon GO — that is, if they're not already!

1. The Ability To Choose Team Rocket If Meowth Is Your Buddy

Okay, so this first one is actually courtesy of Reddit user ImOnRedditWow but it is a great idea and serves double duty as a way of getting the creativity floating.

Sure, we could all be winners and choose Team Mystic, but some people like to rebel. For rebels who want more edge than Valor has to offer but not enough of whatever it is that draws players to Instinct, this would be a perfect hidden Easter Egg.

Imagine if setting Meowth as your buddy and completing a certain goal unlocked a hidden, fourth team as an option: Team Rocket. Niantic has already shown willingness to add hidden fourth options (see: Pikachu as a hidden starter Pokémon) and being Team Rocket would give players the bad-guy option we all secretly crave.

2. Giving You A Ghostly Appearance When Haunter Is Your Buddy

Remember that time Ash and Pikachu may or may not have died and become ghosts for a bit? Given my love of all things spoooOooOOooky, this episode was one of my favorites, and I'd love to see a shout-out to it in Pokémon GO.

Really, it wouldn't have to be anything crazy or over-the-top, but I would love it if having Haunter — or really, any of the Pokémon in his evolutionary chain — as your buddy caused your character to take on a spectral appearance.

This could be activated by something as simple as having Haunter as your buddy or as complicated as having it only work with Ghost-types after midnight. Really, anything to throw in a little extra spookiness to the game and give yet another nod to the original anime.

3. Transferring Butterfree Giving The Message"Bye Bye, Butterfree" (Because I'm A Terrible Person)

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Admit it, you teared up the first time you saw this episode. It's okay, we all did. So why would anyone ever want to be reminded of this?

Because I am a twisted person with a dark sense of humor, and if there's one Pokémon to feel guilty about "transferring" (we all know what that really means), it's Butterfree.

I can see it now, the Pokémon GO world will see a dramatic shift in the amount of Butterfrees that are transferred and Gyms will become saturated with the little Flying-type. No one will want to transfer Butterfree, and those that do will be judged by their peers. It's terrible, but also kind of glorious.

4. Ditto Hidden As Any Pokémon

No one knows where Ditto is or why Ditto doesn't appear to be in Pokémon GO yet. Ditto, while certainly one of the more unique Pokémon out there, doesn't appear to be on the same level as the legendary birds or Mew/Mewtwo. And yet, Ditto is on their level in terms of not being in the game.

So what if Niantic decided to make Ditto be able to appear as any Pokémon in the game, to the point where trainers don't realize they've captured one? After all, that's kind of Ditto's thing.

How exactly would players figure out they've caught a Ditto? Maybe using Candy wouldn't work, since it's not technically the same. Maybe you'd have to walk with it as a buddy a lot for Ditto to reveal itself. Or maybe Niantic is evil and would make you battle with the Ditto-in-disguise until it faints, thus preventing it from holding the illusion.

There are a number of ways to approach Ditto, but I hope that when it is added, it's with a bit of mystery and fanfare.

Via The Silph Road
Via The Silph Road

What Easter Eggs Would You Like To See In 'Pokémon GO'?


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