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After Life Is Strange gained massive critical acclaim, fans have been desperate to take a trip back to Arcadia Bay. There is a sequel in the works with a yet unknown release date, but we'll be returning to the mysterious town much sooner than later: Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, a prequel to the original, will be released this August!

The game will let us take the wheel with our favorite punk rocker (and the only bae worth saving), Chloe Price. Her journey with loss will be viewed through her own eyes, and we'll get to meet her former partner in crime Rachel Amber before her inevitable disappearance.

The trailer, revealed at , was as enchanting and emotional as we expected. It even raised some major questions about the game's story and characters. Refresh your mind with the Before the Storm trailer below, then let's dig deeper.

1. What Is Chloe's True Spirit Animal?

One of the most interesting components of the original Life Is Strange was its symbolism. Since various animals constantly appeared throughout the game, many popular theories suggest that each character has their own spirit animal. Chloe is often aligned with a blue butterfly due to her metamorphosis as a person; they're also featured on her tattoo sleeve. But since a raven was prominently featured in the Before the Storm trailer, could that be her spirit animal all along?

We first witness a raven perched on Chloe's windowsill, to which she has a startled reaction. During the rest of the footage, we see it soaring through the Bay and was even featured on one of Chloe's tee shirts. It's too early to tell what the raven means for her, but it's clear that it will be significant in the prequel.

2. Not So Ready For The Mosh Pit?

The Before the Storm footage briefly focuses on a concert, and Chloe is nowhere to be found in the crowd. But if you look closely, you can see her on the upper level jamming out by herself.

The Chloe we know from the original game would probably be crowd surfing or stealing the mic from the vocalist. But the prequel will introduce us to a different, former Chloe; a character who is sometimes shy, lonely and isn't ready for the world to notice her charisma quite yet. It will be interesting to learn about who Chloe was in her past and how she evolved as a person much later.

3. How Will Chloe And Rachel's Relationship Be Depicted?

Since we only received a glimpse of Rachel in the trailer, this question is more about the game overall. When Chloe described Rachel in Life Is Strange, it was no secret that the two were more than friends; Rachel might have even been her first love. Since the prequel is centered on the characters' dynamic, we can expect their relationship to be fully fleshed out and true to what we originally learned.

Many fans, myself included, are hoping for more representation in the franchise, and Before the Storm would be the perfect story to include this. It looks like we'll have the option to decide for ourselves exactly how together Rachel and Chloe were.

Chloe and Rachel in 'Before the Storm' [Credit: Square Enix]
Chloe and Rachel in 'Before the Storm' [Credit: Square Enix]

4. Does Rachel Have Powers?

The trailer's scene with an ignited tree will be familiar if you saw the prequel's leaked concept art; the illustration gave us a closer look with Chloe and Rachel standing in front of that tree.

Before the Storm's team already confirmed that Chloe does not possess powers of any kind, unlike the original game's protagonist Max Caulfield, who can rewind time. But since "strange elements" will be present, we can infer that Rachel will be in control of those elements. Theories from the previous game suggest that she could have powers similar to Max's, but it was never confirmed. With the enigmatic image in mind, it's possible that the prequel will finally reveal Rachel's abilities.

Based on the trailer, Before the Storm will be another captivating adventure in the franchise. But just make sure you have tissues ready.

: Before the Storm will be released on August 31. If you want to relive the franchise, Life Is Strange is available for free on PlayStation Plus through the entire month of June.

Did you notice any interesting details in the prequel trailer? Let us know in the comments below!


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