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If you want to pull off a successful robbery, you need a good disguise. Else those security cameras are going to record your face, and you'll forever be in the database of local law enforcement. Or prison. And that's just no good if you plan on making it big in the criminal underworld!

Throughout history, we've seen a lot of creative costumes worn by everything from big time bank robbers to low-life shop-lifters. Anything basically goes when it comes to hiding your true identity — even outfits based on characters are perfectly fine.

4 Robbers That Dressed Up As Video Game Characters On The Job

The latest incident of a video game-inspired dress sense during a robbery happened when what looked to be a Minecraft Creeper held up a convenience store. This got us thinking — there are probably more incidents like these out there, right?

Right we were. Not only are becoming increasingly popular as a form of entertainment, it also seems like they're influencing crime fashion. Soon, there'll be no more cheap Richard Nixon masks being worn during high-end heists. No, in 2025 they'll all be looking like Mario or Crash Bandicoot when they're performing their criminal deeds.

Let's look at a few examples of robbers who were dressed up as video game characters on the job.

1. Metal Gear-Inspired Thief Almost Made Away With $60,000

A South Korean man in his mid-40s used the oldest trick in the Metal Gear Solid manual to commit more than 180 break-ins in the Asian country. Breaking into closed shops, he would simply cover himself in a cardboard box to avoid being recognized by security cameras while he emptied the cash registers.

We're not sure whether or not this behavior is actually inspired by Metal Gear Solid, but it proved to be a rather efficient technique. For a while at least, as the man was eventually caught on scene by local police. At that point he had allegedly made off with more $60,000 in stolen goods. I wonder if a big exclamation mark formed over his head when he was caught...

2. Guy Dressed As The Spy Holds Up A McDonald's

[Credit: Valve]
[Credit: Valve]

Why you'd want to rob a McDonald's, a place that's fairly crowded, is beyond us. But this well-dressed criminal did, and he actually got away with it in New South Wales, Australia in 2014. Dressed in a navy blue suit and wearing a balaclava, the Spy threatened a staff member in the building's rear cashier office while brandishing a very large kitchen knife. He looks so similar to the guy above, The Spy from Team Fortress 2 — a character that's known for his love of sharp suits and even sharper knives.

3. Armed Robber Being A Total Minecraft Creeper

The next robbery is the most recent one. In Ephrata, Pennsylvania an armed man robbed a Turkey Hill convenience store while wearing a Minecraft-themed hoodie and face mask.

Here's the footage (the image's small pixel count kind of supports the whole Minecraft feel):

The outfit made the robber look like a strangely less-pixelated version of the Creepers found in Minecraft, monsters that are notorious for being sinister and very, very annoying at night. This guy probably is too.

Local police are warning people not to get too close if they see the perpetrator as he might start hissing loudly, flashing and eventually explode if you get in his near vicinity.

4. Spider-Man Betrayed The City He's Supposed To Protect

In April 2017, Spider-Man, a common video game protagonist, turned his back on the people. After many years of neglect, he was done taking sh*t from the Daily Bugle and became that which he protects New York city from: a full-fledged villain. That much is clear after a spider-clad robber held up an HSBC Bank in the Bronx on April 24.

He got away with an undisclosed amount of money. Earlier the same week, the Spider-Man man attempted to rob a pharmacy in Harlem but failed as the shop didn't have any of the drugs in store that he was looking for. No codeine for you, Spider-Man.

This is not the first time robbers have dressed up as the popular super hero. We guess it kinda boosts the robbing experience if you're impersonating someone who's actually a good guy.

Do you know of any other video game characters that have robbed something in real life? Let us know in the comments!


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