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After several long, agonizing years of waiting, XV is finally on the verge of release. In 2000, I would have told you that by now we would be playing Final Fantasy XXV. Well, things happen for a reason and we can only hope that Final Fantasy XV lives up to the expectations.

Will the new game be the best in the franchise? It's difficult to know for sure, but it faces serious competition.

Final Fantasy VI is not only the best game of the franchise but one of the best games of all time, counting all systems and genres. It keeps topping list after list and remains the that all others want to surpass (of course, some would argue that Chrono Trigger is still the king).

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So what makes Final Fantasy VI the best game in the franchise? Well, there are a multitude of reasons, but today I'll focus on four as a way of bringing back all the memories.

1. The Best Characters

A good story, in any media, is sustained by the characters that live within it. It's these characters, and not the situations or events, that make you care about the things that you are experiencing. Most of the time we are lucky if we can find a handful of compelling characters in any particular story (most only have a couple). So it's almost a miracle that most main characters in Final Fantasy VI are not only interesting, but also lovable and memorable.

I'm not saying that most characters in the game are great — let's face it, as cute as Umaro and Mog are, they don't have an in-depth background story. But a lot of the characters do have such a deep story, including the big and many secondary ones.

The fact that no character could be considered as the main one is proof of this. You could argue that Terra is the main character, but you could finish the game without her. It may be Celes, but she appears relatively late in the game and leaves for a long time until the second half. There are other interesting characters, like Shadow, who have tragic backstories, yet you could miss them completely (Shadow's sad story is relatively difficult to find).

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You could take 15 different individuals and ask them who their favorite characters in this game are, and they could give you 15 different answers; a testament to the success of the characters in Final Fantasy VI.

2. The Best Villain

Some Big Bads just want to steal the money. Others just want to be feared. Others aspire to conquer the world. And a few just want to destroy it. Kefka Palazzo is many of those things. And what makes him unique is not the fact that he wanted all of this, but that he achieved it.

He managed to become a demigod who not only conquered the world, but destroyed half of it.

Of course, being incredibly powerful is not enough to tag him as "the best." , after all, was thisclose to destroying the planet via a giant meteorite. Kefka is the best because the developers took the concept of a demented and wicked person who loves chaos and anarchy and pushed him to the limit. He doesn't care about anything or anyone except himself. He even poisoned an entire village without a care for the children living in there.

He also has the greatest laughter ever. One that is perverted and years later will never leave your mind (I know it because I can still remember it perfectly). Long live Kefka!

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3. The Best Soundtrack

I have to clarify something. I do think that the best song out of all Final Fantasy games is "One Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII. It is a true masterpiece. But in my humble opinion, overall Final Fantasy VI has the best collection of songs out of all video games.

Every character has its own theme and I bet that if you played this game 22 years ago, chances are you still remember most of those tunes.

4. The Most Memorable Events

A great story is made with one great moment after another. Final Fantasy VI not only lives up to this promise, but surpasses it by miles. Let's make a list of only a few of them: the opera scene (obviously), the destruction of the world, the first battle against Atma Weapon, Shadow's tragic story, Gau's tragic story, the Phantom Train, and encountering all of your friends after the end of the world.

Of course, these aren't all the best moments — I could include Sabin's first encounter, Locke in the Phoenix Cave, etc. — but now you have an idea of how many great moments this fantastic game has to spare.

I'm not saying that other Final Fantasy games don't have great moments (all of them do by the dozen). I'm just saying that Final Fantasy VI has the most to choose from. And not only that, I would add that it keeps the slow and bad moments at bay.

I hope that you enjoyed this list. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook — I update movie recommendations frequently. Look out for the November 29 release of Final Fantasy XV.

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