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Your game doesn't have to look good to be good. This has been the unofficial proverb that many gamers and game developers have lived by. It's true, graphics aren't necessarily the most important thing when it comes to making a good game.

But when a game has solid controls, a fun and engaging story, and an interesting concept, it doesn't hurt when it looks great too.

This E3 Was Really, Really Pretty

Some really interesting games were announced and put on display at this year's E3. The premiere electronic entertainment expo was filled to the brim with new and returning IP, as well as big name developing companies showing off their precious new gaming hardware.

The term "shared world" seemed to be the big buzzword at this year's E3, with many big name developers using the phrase to confirm their support in the ever-growing multiplayer game craze. But the games at 2017 had one more thing in common besides a catchy term; they all looked absolutely wonderful.

The future of gaming look beautiful!
The future of gaming look beautiful!

You might not have liked every title announced this year, but there's no denying that almost every game looked wonderful, at least in a graphical point of view. Yes, gone are the days of shoddy half-done titles like or visual disappointments like the first Watch Dogs — enter 4K!

With just one word, made up of one number and one letter, the world of gaming has changed. Now, there's no excuse for a game to look like it's been rotting under the hot sun for ages, not when developers have access to such a powerful visual aid.

Just how good is 4K? All one had to do is look at this year's E3 offerings to find out.

The first and biggest example of how stunning 4K can be was shown during Microsoft's press conference. The developer announced its newest brainchild, the culmination of years of technological breakthroughs within the industry; the oddly titled "Xbox One X."

Sure, the name might not bring the same level of excitement as "Project Scorpio," but don't let that distract you from the console's massively impressive specs. The XBX is being shipped with 6 teraflops, 7 billion transistors and 1TB of space for you to fit all the games you saw at E3 on.

To put that into perspective, the original Xbox One only had 1.31 teraflops, 5 billion transistors, and originally shipped with only 500GB (which is about half of 1TB). There's no denying that the XBX is a powerful console, but what does that have to do with 4K?

Well, the more powerful a console is, the easier it is for it to run games at a native (and absolutely stunning) 4K resolution. With the XBX being such a powerhouse, it can run games with mind-boggling realistic graphics. Don't believe me? Just check out the gameplay footage for Anthem, shown at the Microsoft press conference.

Anthem is the MVP of this year's E3 with it's interesting concept, multiplayer focus, and of course, those super sexy graphics! The in-game models are shockingly realistic, right down to the facial features — forehead wrinkles and all!

Other games, such as The Crew 2 and Assassin's Creed Origins, benefit immensely from the realistic shading that 4K brings with it.

But sometimes a game is better when it doesn't look so realistic. Games like Journey are prime examples of video game worlds that look vastly different from our own and still tickle our eyes with their beauty.

Luckily, 4K has those games covered too. Just as much as 4K can make something look real, it can also make it look super cartoonish. Dragon Ball Fighter Z, the newest game by famed Guilty Gear developer ArcSystem Works, looks almost exactly like the anime that inspired it.

When you look at footage of the game, it just looks like simple 2D character models in a 2D stage, something akin to early Marvel vs. Capcom titles. But as you look closer, you'll see that the characters in the game are all actually designed in 3D! The lighting and the cel-shading trick your eyes into believing you're looking at 2D characters similar to that of an anime.

I've been using Xbox games mostly as examples of the power of 4K, but the truth is that you won't need an Xbox One X to see your games at their most beautiful. Sure, the system is well equipped to handle 4K resolution, but so are consoles like the PS4 and Nintendo Switch - as evident by the gameplay footage of God of War or Super Mario Odyssey.

No matter what console you choose to play on, the future is looking bright for all gamers. We all know that developers like to up the looks meter for E3 every year, but even if the games show this year look half as good in a few months, they'll still look incredible thanks to the power of 4K.

What did you think of E3 2017? Were you amazed by anything in particular? Sound off in the comments below!


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