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Guns. The favored weapon of the modern age. Like the swords of old, guns come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and functions, so it's little surprise that guns are everywhere in popular media. Whether video games, , , TV, books or movies these mediums are chockfull of gun-centric titles. They're such a popular weapon, they even have their own genre of video game.

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There's no shortage of fictional big guns in video game culture. But what about the real-life counterparts of video game guns?

1. Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Revolver

Every first-person shooter starts you out with a pea shooter; some little handgun that'll keep you alive long enough to find a bigger gun. But with this one hanging from your hip, you won't need any other weapon. The Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express is a revolver more powerful than a handgun has any business being. Weighing in at about 13 pounds, with a barrel length of 13 inches, this single-action hand cannon was made for firing .600 Nitro Express rounds. The first thing that should be noted about these rounds is that they were designed to be fired from a rifle. So imagine the kind of kick a revolver built to fire such a hefty bullet would have. Actually, don't. I have a video right here.

There are a few pistols in video games that are made to pack more of a punch than they look capable of. For example, the hand cannon from BioShock Infinite, (I prefer to call it the paddywhacker because that makes me chuckle), a pistol powerful enough to take people's heads off. Of course there's also the infamous Golden Gun from . Through the magic of video games, this golden pistol is a one hit wonder in a very deadly way. Still, none of them shoot rifle-sized bullets!

2. Punt Gun

So you've managed to survive thus far. Your giant rifle-bullet-firing pistol has proved useful in dispatching the regular grunts. But wait! Now there are bigger grunts that take more shots to kill. You need a bigger gun — nothing a good old shotgun won't fix.

The punt gun is easily the biggest boomstick ever made. They were largely custom-made to exact measurements and got their name for being too big to carry and shoot, thus they had to be mounted on punts while hunting. The punt gun first came on the scene during the 19th century and was used on large flocks of waterfowl. As it turns out, shooting down every bird in the sky with a massive shotgun is not very good for the bird population, and the gun ended up getting banned in the US in the 1860s.

Shotguns are ubiquitous in video games. Almost any you can think of has one, even those of the sci-fi genre. One of the more famous ones would be Ash's sawed-off shotgun from the series. Left 4 Dead and its sequel have a large variety of of shotguns to make zombies' heads go boom. There's also Graves from League of Legends, a largely offensive character who wields a massive shotgun. Still, none of them come close to the sheer size and length of this monster of a gun. Check out the trailer below for Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick.

3. GE M134 Mini Gun

With your stupidly big pistol in hand and your punt gun dragging behind you, you've managed to make it a little further than most. But things are getting tricky now as the enemies start coming in bigger groups. How are you going to mow down all these obstacles? You'll need something with a high rate of fire to really put these baddies down in a hurry. The GE M134 Mini Gun would do the trick nicely.

Weighing in at a hefty 35 pounds and with a length of 31.5 inches, it boasts a firing rate of a jaw-dropping 6000 rounds per minute. This Gatling gun can turn a roomful of bad guys into a blood bath in seconds. However, this shooter is usually found as a mounted weapon, as its weight and kick would make it next to impossible to use as a handheld device.

This mini gun and similar Gatlings are prevalent in popular media, one of the most notable appearances being when the Arnold Schwarzenegger's used it to dispose of a squad of police officers near the end of Terminator 2. As far as video games are concerned, no character wields a Gatling gun quite like the hulking Heavy, the mascot of . He may be fictional, but he sure looks hefty enough to handle a mini gun. Cry some more!

4. .950 JDJ Rifle

Your arsenal of impractical weapons has kept you going so far (somehow). Unfortunately, there is a boss coming up. You'll need something that can do a lot of damage in one shot. You'll need a rifle. For a list like this, only the biggest will suffice. That title belongs to the .950 JDJ rifle, the largest centerfire rifle in the world. This handheld baby weighs in at about 110 pounds and fires 95. rounds. Each round costs roughly $40 each, making this gun big and expensive. This beast also packs a massive kickback. Check out the guys in the video below. The gun they were using was a prototype that was only half as heavy as the actual rifle. Imagine what the full weapon would have done to their faces.

While rifles don't seem to be as prevalent in popular culture as the shotgun or the mini gun, they do get some attention. For example, there's the Seeker from Singularity, a weapon that combines splash damage with the ability to guide your shots. There is also the Arc Rifle from and the lancer from .

5. Eryx

You now have the basic components for a full FPS arsenal. However, one key ingredient remains, something that will completely murder the final boss in one shot. You need the big gun. You know what I'm talking about. The gun that you point at a room full of baddies, pull the trigger, and then there's no more anything. This is where the Eryx comes in.

The Eryx is a short-range anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). The missile itself weighs in at 29 pounds, (57 if you include the launcher the missile is fired from) with a length of 909mm and a diameter 136mm. This tank-busting rocket is also wire guided to prevent signal jamming. One interesting feature of this missile is its controlled usage of propellent, which prevents the missile from making a fireball when launched. This way, it can be used in enclosed areas and even indoors.

There are all kinds of big guns in popular media. I could list a few but when gamers like myself think of big guns, there is only one. It goes by many names but its acronym remains the same. Doom's BFG reigns supreme in pop culture as the most ridiculously big gun in fiction. One shot from this thing will clear the screen in a massive green explosion (that somehow doesn't kill you because screw you, I'm playing !)

Let me know about the most impressive video game weapons in the comments below. Also, don't forget to check me out on Facebook and Twitter.


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