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Pokémon’s creation dates back to 1995, when Satoshi Tajiri introduced the franchise to the world. Through the passage of time, the franchise has gone through various phases of evolution, with the recent Pokémon Go app going viral not only on the internet, but also grabbing the attention of the media. Fan have certainly gotten into the spirit, with successful and humorous replications of the fictional characters springing up all over the world. But this human interpretation of the Pokémon look is no easy feat. Here's why.

Pokémon Go: Dedicated Followers Of Fashion

Although Pokémon is a decades-old franchise, it had never been so demanding before the Pokémon Go mobile app. Children and adults alike are out to get Pokémons. It's an addicting game that has spread all over social media and the internet. With some cosplayers also into wearing the latest fashion, Pokémon-inspired attire could certainly tick that box and has become something that's not just worn at comic-cons and other types of conventions, but also in daily life to show one's dedication to the fandom.

It’s Virality Has Pokémon Seeping Into The Rest Of The World

Individuals who know the app are playing it, but people who do not play are getting to know the app because of the news media's interest in the game, or by way of a personal interaction with many a Pokémon player out in the real world. This app has gone viral because of its unique style that allows playing the game in real time. Therefore, the Pokémon costume is familiar to people from all walks of life, and these people are sure to admire your outfit, if it’s a good one.

It Gives You A Taste Of International Style

As the game has made it to many a hot list, while playing the game in the streets fans have started to wear a kind of style that is inspired by a favorite character but without delving into cosplay territory. Indeed, Pokémon-inspired costumes are out in the market, and they're not just for Halloween.

Spoilt For Choice

Since, generally speaking, it's always tough to find the perfect costume, most people tend to give up and wear something that's mass produced. But with Pokémon there are so many characters and so many variations of each character, you are sure to find the right one. While the costumes are not that difficult to wear, it does require some digging to find the one that will make an impression above all others.

Pokémon Has A Strong History

Wearing attire that has deep roots gives it a real edge. Before making it to mobile app stores, Pokémon was a popular card game. When the app was launched, little effort was needed to promote the product thanks to that childhood familiarity, with the card game still dear in the hearts of so many adults.

Which Pokémon character would you like to dress as for a coming comic-con? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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