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We all know that video games can get pretty addicting but, like everything in life, sometimes people go too far. There have been studies about video game addiction, and it's not as large an issue as you'd think. But sometimes we just need to take a break and laugh about our foibles. Here are 5 instances where video game addiction became just a little ridiculous.

1. Two Brothers Play So Much They Don't Notice Their House Being Robbed

A pair of brothers in India were so involved in playing video games that they failed to notice their house being broken into. Not just once though, it happened twice. Over the course of the 18 hour video game marathons each day, the brothers became so engrossed in the game that they managed to ignore everything else, including bodily functions and any sort of activity in their vicinity—like the doorbell or robbers.

The two, 22 and 19 years old, went without eating, sleeping, bathing, or using the restroom, and it took 2 years for their parents to do something about it. Though surprisingly the last straw wasn't the robberies: it was the lack of bathroom breaks and instead just letting out bodily functions where they sat. By the time the brothers went through rehabilitation, they had become socially and physically dysfunctional. It took a month for psychiatric rehabilitation, and they were apparently released, though no follow up on whether they had any relapses.

2. Middle-aged Man Chokes Teenager After He Gets Ganked

A man was so engrossed in Call of Duty that he took it personally when he was killed by a fellow player in the game—a 13-year-old who couldn't resist gloating. Mark Bradford got so angry that he proceeded to go to the child's house to choke him. Granted, this wasn't the case of someone tracking down an anonymous player to incite violence: the house in question was his friend's down the street and he knew the teenager's mother.

However, it's still reprehensible to go attack anyone over a video game, let alone someone a third of your age. He had wrapped his hands around the kid's throat and was ultimately pulled off by the teenager's mother, who also called the police. The story ends (kind of) happily. After being arrested, he sorted it out with the teenager and apologized.

3. Mother Calls Cops On GTA-playing Child

One mother was so frustrated by her son's incessant playing of video games that she called 911 in an effort to get him to stop. Angela Mejia had ordered her 14-year-old son to go to sleep before she went to bed. However, she woke up in the middle of the night to find he was still playing Grand Theft Auto. Frustrated and apparently not knowing how to parent her child, she called the police to get him to stop. Also listed in the complaint was the distressing act of walking around the house and turning on all the lights. Oh, the horror.

The police arrived and, humoring the mother, told the boy to go to bed. She explained later to the Boston Herald that she was afraid her son was addicted to the video game and she didn't know what to do about it. Unfortunately for the poor kid, it sounds like he was just another teenager staying up too late.

4. Father Hires Hitman To Kill Son In Game

Speaking of parental "last straws," a father in China took matters into his own hands when his son wouldn't stop playing video games. Rather than calling police or physically manhandling anyone, he simply hired in-game hitmen to take out his son's character.

23-year-old Xiao Feng had always played video games, but they hadn't interfered with anything until after he graduated from school. Frustrated by his son's inability to keep any jobs or find a new one, Xiao's father assumed the video games were to blame and took a creative approach. He hired several higher-level and better-geared players to kill his son's character every time he logged in. He figured his son would abandon the game if he couldn't progress and instead put more effort into his professional life. The plan, however, was for naught. Xiao just kept playing, but approached his father about his job search and they had an adult discussion, ending with relief on his father's part.

5. Woman Sells Herself On Craigslist For Epic Mount

People do a lot of things for gold in World of Warcraft, but this one takes the cake. At the time this happened in Burning Crusade, gold was admittedly hard to come by. Players spent months upon months farming for enough gold to buy the costly epic flying speed. One player decided to go a different route and sell her body for the gold, a much quicker route. She had plenty of restrictions with a preference for roleplay, and she wanted to have the gold in hand before anything went down.

Of course, WoW players quickly got wind of this and proceeded to have a lively debate on the old WoW forums, with some even trying to track her character down. Her response to the fame is everything you could ever hope for: indignant and pretentious all in one.

"Hi, I'd just like to thank the (expletive deleted) who thought it would be funny to post my picture all over the internet and make 50,000 threads about me on the wow forums. I got my epic mount in about an hour that was very enjoyable for both parties while all you idiots probably spent hundreds of hours farming for yours or don't even have them. ... So talk all the trash you want, I got MY epic flying mount AND I got laid which is more than you failures can ever hope for."

At least she was successful. No word on if her mysterious buyer ever admitted their identity.

What's your best story about ridiculous video game addiction?


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