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Sometimes the broad video game community may feel as though companies don't care about them as much as they probably should. Without fans the gaming industry would fall apart so surely they'd try to show that they aren't the bad guys.

Turns out, they do try. No company is perfect, but there are some great examples of fan service which show that faceless corporations are capable of love after all.

Nintendo - Explaining Wario's Situation

[Credit: rainingfrogs82 - Reddit]
[Credit: rainingfrogs82 - Reddit]

Here we have Nintendo replying to a fan who was enquiring as to why Wario wasn't included in Super Smash Bros. Melee following its release in 2001/2002.

They could have easily not replied, or responded matter-of-factly but instead it looks like Nintendo took the time to give an answer which preserved the magic of the characters.

Granted, it's not as good as putting Wario in SSBM but they did include him in the next two games, so maybe they do care for us after all.

Square Enix - 'Dragon Quest' Weekend Releases

[Credit: Square Enix Holdings]
[Credit: Square Enix Holdings]

I'm pretty sure every true gamer has considered taking a day off work or school to truly enjoy a game on release day. Perhaps you've angrily wondered why games are released on a Tuesday, and bemoaned their mid-week arrival.

Well, fans of Dragon Quest don't need to worry about that, as Square Enix only release games in the highly-popular JRPG series on the weekend.

Although this decision was brought about due to too many people in Japan taking the day off work to play it, it's still a nice move which lets most people enjoy some much needed downtime on their days off.

Blizzard - 'World of Warcraft' Tributes

World of Warcraft [Credit: Blizzard]
World of Warcraft [Credit: Blizzard]

There have been more then a couple of instances where Blizzard has paid respect to players, employees and celebrity figures by including them as NPCs or dedicating locations to them.

One that stands is Owen's Wishing Well in The Jade Forest. Before 16 year-old Brian 'Owen' Wicks passed away, he managed to work with Blizzard at their HQ thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and together they created this honorary wishing well.

By flipping the provided coin into the well, your character gains the ten-minute luck buff "Made-A-Wish" which is a lovely touch to an apt tribute.

Trion Worlds - Mending A Hand On 'Trove'

After somehow finding out that a Trove player was having a hard time, the team behind it decided to send him a little care package to help him out.

'Ziedus' had injured his hand at work which led to him receiving half-pay while he was on leave. He couldn't play Trove all that easily with one hand and didn't have the funds to get the MMO mouse which would solve some of the issues. It also didn't help that he had a child on the way.

Luckily, the care package included £100 worth of Amazon vouchers to buy the mouse, as well as some Trove codes and a get well soon card with little messages from the team.

Microsoft - Uh, Nice Try?

[Credit: weehugheses - Reddit]
[Credit: weehugheses - Reddit]

An Xbox player who had accrued 47,000 Gamerscore over four years was rewarded with a mere 20 Microsoft Points as a birthday present. Now, if they had simply said 'happy birthday' it would have likely been alright, but the fact that they gave such a measly amount of Points to one of their most dedicated customers is almost insulting.

The 20 points equate to about 25 cents in real money, which I feel is more than a little cheeky. If it were given to a lot of people I'd understand not being able to give too much, but when it comes to true fans like this I'd expect them to give out something better.

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Have you had any good experiences with companies in the video game industry? What about ones that weren't so favorable? Make sure to drop a comment below!



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