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Ever wanted something so bad that you just make it yourself? One enterprising 5th grader in Japan did just that. Frustrated that his mother wouldn't buy Nintendo's latest insanely popular console, the boy made his own. His sister, Twitter user fraise_ama, posted a video of him showing off his creation.

For a handmade cardboard console, it has amazing detail. The pieces are interlocking and changeable, very much like the console it's designed after. The cardboard version includes the main Switch console, interlocking parts, two Joy-Con controllers with buttons and toggles, the Joy-Con Grip, and not just one but three game cards. Even a cardboard system needs a little variety.

Joy-Con controllers on the console.
Joy-Con controllers on the console.

You can see how carefully he handles the cardboard console, delicately sliding the Joy-Con controllers on and off the imitation Switch, torn between reverence for the system and disappointment that it's not the real thing.

Joy-Con controllers on the Grip.
Joy-Con controllers on the Grip.

Unfortunately, his mother wouldn't cave. We don't know why, though Ama makes a reference in a Twitter reply that she herself would buy it if she could afford it. The 's allure is unique in that it's the first time has specifically marketed a console to adults rather than solely children as they've done in the decades since coming into the video game industry. No matter how desperate a child can be for something they want, even desperate enough to create an imitation model themselves, the parent is still the decision maker and in control.

Though this 5th grader is currently Switch-less, his creativity and perseverance at such an age is promising. Ama also mentions in the tweet that her young brother's dream is to design video games. Few children have the patience to sit down and create a working cardboard model of a beloved electronic in such detail, and such innovation and focus could pay off as an adult.

Inserting the tiny game cartridge.
Inserting the tiny game cartridge.

Game designers come to the industry through all sorts of ways and dedication and passion for the product is valued. Especially in a competitive place like Nintendo, where creating a cardboard model could stand out. Nintendo's most famous designer and now representative director, Shigeru Miyamoto, was hired at Nintendo after showing then-president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, the toys he had created. Miyamoto started out in the planning department as an apprentice, eventually moving up through the ranks as an artist to developer to manager to senior executive.

Starting at the bottom may not feel very glamorous, but another The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild dev managed to do it as well. Upon seeing a lone non-Japanese name in the credits for , curious users found a 10-year-old forum post from the same person asking how to get into the industry. Their dedication and advice they received definitely paid off.

If Ama's brother keeps up, perhaps he may find his way into Nintendo as well.

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