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There's a lot of debate among fans of FromSoftware games about which is their best. Some people like Dark Souls 2, some prefer , some still love their intro into the Souls games and say Demon's Souls is the best, while others go even further back into the repertoire. For me though, the unquestionable best is Bloodborne, I loved the fast-paced gameplay, the horrifying story and designs and the amazing outfits.

What We Want To See In 'Bloodborne 2'

Bloodborne was a pretty huge success on the , and while we know Hidetaka Miyazaki isn't afraid to end a series on a high note, would be crazy not to greenlight a sequel to . When that happens, here's six things I really want to see.

1. Reworked Chalice Dungeons

Fuck this guy in particular. [Credit: Sony]
Fuck this guy in particular. [Credit: Sony]

This is a big one, the chalice dungeons were an awesome idea. A terrifying, rogue-like dungeon full of Randomly generated Bloodborne content to keep the game going infinitely.

Unfortunately, the dungeons just didn't live up to the hype. There were some really cool parts in there, especially the traps and secret passageways not seen in the main game, but the bosses felt like B-Sides and the different dungeons were essentially Instagram filters laid on top of the same rooms.

A chalice dungeon system that really ties into the main game would be an incredible addition to , especially if it features exclusive items and bosses that add to the lore of the game. The few mysteries and unique items held within the first game's chalice dungeons were almost worth their insane amount of difficulty, so let's have more of those and fewer palette swap enemies.

2. More Crazy Weapons

More of this insanity, please [Credit: Sony]
More of this insanity, please [Credit: Sony]

The trick weapons of Bloodborne were probably the coolest part of the game. There wasn't a single weapon that didn't have some kind of awesome niche that made it useful and the crazier the weapon was, the more fun it usually was to use.

Along with the trick weapons, the guns and hunter tools were a fantastic variation on the parrying system from Dark Souls. Learning to gun down an enemy at the precise moment and then ripping their heart out with your bare hands made you feel like the biggest badass in the world. If you couldn't be bothered to learn parrying, you could always replace the standard guns with cannons, gatling guns and flamethrowers.

If Bloodborne 2 continued the trend with more weapons as fun and absurd as a giant circular saw on a stick or the severed arm of a god I'd be in heaven, especially if they gave you access to them a bit earlier so you could get more use out of them.

3. More Arcane Options

Summoning pieces of the beyond to rip apart the fabric of reality deserves more attention [Credit: Sony]
Summoning pieces of the beyond to rip apart the fabric of reality deserves more attention [Credit: Sony]

Arcane felt a little bit like the red-headed step-child of the game. The stat was almost completely useless for the first half and even after obtaining the hunter tools, things were a bit lackluster. It didn't help that almost all of the most difficult enemies in the game were highly resistant to arcane damage.

A few more hunter tools scattered about the early game, along with an arcane-focused weapon or two that didn't require difficult to obtain blood gems to use, would really improve arcane as a stat, especially if the hunter tools offered more utility items like the Hunter's Bone in addition to the various offensive tools.

4. An Explanation For That Damn Stone

I killed the Queen of an ancient empire and all I got was this stupid rock [Credit: Sony]
I killed the Queen of an ancient empire and all I got was this stupid rock [Credit: Sony]

Buried deep within the catacombs, at the lowest, most nightmarishly difficult levels, is the hidden boss of the Chalice dungeons. She is the Pthumerian Queen, and the city of Yharnam, whether the citizens know it or not, was named after her. You might remember her from her brief and creepy appearances in the main campaign, she'll show up after you defeat Rom, The Vacuous Spider and before the fight with Mergo's Wet Nurse.

The fight is almost as difficult as the journey to reach it. The Queen teleports constantly and her child's crying can stun you in place, resulting in almost assured death. If you do manage to defeat her, you'll receive your final, ultimate reward for all your hard work and sacrifice.

A rock.

More specifically, the Yharnam Stone, a mysterious stone object that resembles a Lithopedion—a calcified, unborn child. You might be wondering what the stone is used for, the answer is "nothing". The stone literally has no use whatsoever, it doesn't even unlock an extra line of dialog.

For such an interesting, bizarre item that takes so much work to retrieve, you'd think there'd be at least some lore or explanation, let's hope Bloodborne 2 adds something to explain it so we don't end up with another Dark Souls pendant.

5. More Uses For Insight

Everything seems normal here. [Credit: Sony]
Everything seems normal here. [Credit: Sony]

Insight was an awesome, creepy idea. Each action you take that brings you closer to the cosmos awakens your insight into the true nature of the universe. The more you learn, the crazier you become and the more difficult the game is. Even more unsettling is learning that the term Insight is a lot more literal than you thought; you're growing actual eyes on the inside of your skull that grant you vision into the universe.

The effects that Insight did have on the game were incredibly cool, especially when you reach 40 insight and can suddenly see giant, spidery abominations crouched above the city. There were only a few of them though, about 4 or 5 changes in total and they happened at hard break points which was somewhat disappointing.

If Insight affected more things in the game and was a more gradual change, it'd be a really atmospheric and incredible transformation. Imagine the city growing more nightmarish and impossible as you gained insight, even opening new paths via the city's geometry shifting and changing.

6. More Great Ones

Sigmund Freud saw this and his head literally exploded. [Credit: Sony]
Sigmund Freud saw this and his head literally exploded. [Credit: Sony]

The only thing cooler than the weapons of Bloodborne were the Great Ones. Having a race of unfathomable, Lovecraftian gods with unique and impossible forms as the antagonists of the game was much cooler than any boring black armored evil dude. Especially since they're not so much evil as they are simply alien, their motivations are bizarre and sometimes as incomprehensible as their forms.

One of the most interesting things confirmed by the DLC is the idea that the blood curse is different depending on which Great One it comes from. The Cthulhu-esque curse of Kosm created fish people, while Formless Oedeon's curse was closer to classic lycanthropy. Including more Great Ones and a greater variety of bizarre mutations caused by their existence would be a great way to add some variety in the new game.

If you're looking for some Demon killing action in the meantime, you might want to check out the Dark Souls inspired Nioh, which comes out early February.


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