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There are few games I'd be willing to spend 60 hours on: (because you die so many times anyway), (because it's as addictive as heroin) and probably (because you can never have enough farms, NEVER!).

But 60 hours on ONE level in Super Mario Maker?! Nah. And it's no normal level either, this thing looks like hell.

Guy Spends 60 Hours On Super Mario Maker Level That'd Break Me

The level in question? Tricky Mario: Val's Shellspace. It's regarded as one of the most hellish levels ever made for the game and many a-celebrated player has attempted to brave this chaotic landscape. But the guy in question goes by the name of VAL JP on Youtube. Before we get to the video, which he thankfully edited down to show how many times he died, you gotta take a look at some mind-blowing gifs.

LOOK AT HIS DEATH COUNT!!! I'd have given up after seeing the opening area. And the dude isn't even finished yet! You guys need to see this video. He perseveres to the point where he dies—are you ready?!—over 30,000 times. Yeah.

I have no idea. I wish I had this dude's patience. *slow clap*

Do you reckon you could beat this level?

You wanna see how Super Mario has evolved over the last 30 years? Of course you do!


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