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Some games blow you away with their graphics, others with their storyline, but 64.0 blows you away with its amazing soundtrack. This graphically simplistic game is paired with fairly basic gameplay — nothing too stand-outish, until you start to listen to the music.

Game jam to Steam game

When I first tried out 64.0, it was a very rough concept. There was no sound, there were no instructions, and it had some very basic gameplay. Since it’s game jam debut, the game has been completed, polished, and released on Steam as a full game for £1.99.

Looking at the screenshots, not much seemed to have changed. There was a slight difference in graphics, and now instructions along with the game.

As it was now released on Steam, a big jump for a simple, not quite complete jam game, I became curious as to what else had changed now that the developer wasn’t under a strict time limit set by the jam. I had to give it a go. I was most blown away by the soundtrack that backed this simple gameplay.


64.0 has plethora of fantastic songs, each in tune with how you play the level. You control a turret in the middle of the screen, looking out towards four different openings in the border around you. You must shoot the same colored square as the background, before it reaches you. If you shoot a different colored square, or if you miss a square, then you will die and need to restart.

You must do this quickly, as the squares come at you at a very fast rate, giving you only a little bit of time to react. On top of that, the background changes to different colors every few seconds, so you need to pay attention to what color squares are coming at you.


The soundtrack does make 64.0 slightly easier, as the blocks that you need to shoot come in synchronicity with the numerous soundtracks in the game. Each level has its own style of chiptune music and its own beat.

These beats can be used as a guide, so if you die in a level, you can follow the beat up to that point, remembering which side the squares come from. You can switch to a different level if one is too hard, and try out that new song and level.

I find that the levels with my favorite music are less challenging, as I remember the pattern well and can remember where the squares come from during it. These beats will stick in your head — you will likely find yourself tapping along after the game has ended.


Luckily for you, 64.0 has a DLC (that is free!) that allows you to download all of the music in this game, so you can play it on repeat in the background, enjoying how well made it is! You can check out the game, then relax to the wonderful soundtrack. For me, this soundtrack really makes this simple game so much better than a simple shooter.


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