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I love me a good cosplay armor build, man. There's just something about seeing someone bring a suit of armor from your favorite game, movie, or anime to life that's just extremely cool. What makes them so impressive? For one, there's the sheer amount of craftsmanship and hours spent bringing something from a fictional world into ours.

Also, fictional armor sometimes exist within a universe with flagrant disregard for concepts like gravity, physics, or how clothes work in general. Still, even with all those challenges in hand, talented cosplayers from around the world step up to the plate and churn out greatness. With that in mind, here are seven of my favorite armor builds floating around the interwebs.

7. Embodiment of the Demon Hunter's Marauder Armor

PHOTO: Maze Studio
PHOTO: Maze Studio

Game: Diablo III

Cosplayer: Cheebang Cosplay

Photographer: Maze Studio

Initial reaction to this particular piece of cosplay was a quietly whispered "what the [email protected]*k" in sheer astonishment. Cheebang Cosplay has made a lot of absolutely stunning cosplays and I have no doubt that she will continue to do so. I can only imagine what she'll come up with as the years roll on, but even now this is still my absolute favorite of hers.

The detail and just the look of the armor is absolutely awe inspiring. I can't imagine it's all that comfortable once it gets hot on the floor or outside, so extra kudos for the commitment all around.

6. Nord Warrior

PHOTO | Fotograf-13 and eosAndy
PHOTO | Fotograf-13 and eosAndy

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online

Model: Ralf with armor by Lightning Cosplay

Photographer: Fotograf-13 and eosAndy

Lightning Cosplay's Nord armor modeled by Ralf looks like it jumped right out of the game. It probably helps that the guy she put the armor on looks like he can shout a mountain into submission. The whole thing comes together like it belongs in a movie and I have nothing but love for that kind of craftsmanship. I was going to make an "arrow to the knee" joke but I decided against it. That's probably for the best.

5. Cerberus Soldier

PHOTO | Darryl Pamplin
PHOTO | Darryl Pamplin

Game: Mass Effect 3

Cosplayer: Beer Money Props

Photographer: Darryl Pamplin

Have you ever seen something so awesome that you couldn't help but slam your fist on the table and exclaiming "Yes! Hell yeah! Look at that!" No? Well, I'm not good in social settings so maybe that's just me. Anyway, that was my reaction when I saw Beer Money Props rocking full on Cerberus soldier armor like a boss. He looks like he's ready to kick down doors and look absolutely cool doing it before inevitably being exploded by Commander Shepard. In a cool way, though.


PHOTO | Twisted Vision
PHOTO | Twisted Vision

Movie: Chappie

Cosplayer: Kenny Cosplay Stuff

Photographer: Twisted Vision

Okay, technically this isn't "armor" since the character is a robot and all that. Still, this build by Kenny Cosplay Stuff is way too spot on not to mention. Let's just pretend it's CHAPEE armor and let this one slide, yeah? Thanks for being so understanding about it. On the cosplay itself, what an absolute BAMF. The details are on point and he's got the swagger to match. What's not to love, right?

3. Howling Banshee

PHOTO | Kira
PHOTO | Kira

Game: Warhammer 40000

Cosplayer: Narga and Aoki Cosplay

Photographer: Kira

I'll be honest, I don't know a thing about Warhammer 40000. I'm not even entirely sure I put enough zeros in that number. What I do know is that name "Howling Banshee" sounds as badass as the armor itself looks. Made by Narga and Aoki Cosplay, this armor absolutely oozes cool and the photos really help make this thing pop. This is only one photo from a very eye popping photo set by photographer, Kira, so make sure to pop over to the Narga and Aoki Cosplay page and check the rest out.

2. Maurader Warwick

Game: League of Legends

Cosplayer: Kerry Cosplay

Photographer: Kerry Cosplay

What happens when you pour 500 hours and around $4,000 into a costume? You get this absolute behemoth of a build by Kerry Cosplay. This costume stands at a whopping 8'3" tall. What kind of madness it that? Must be an ordeal to get through a hallway. One thing's guaranteed though, people will certainly get out of your way. I haven't played much of League of Legends, but I still appreciate the awesome cosplays that come out of that community. This has to be one of my absolute favorites, though. That someone looked at the character and went 'yeah, sure, I can do that' is mind boggling to me.

1. Reinhart

Game: Overwatch

Cosplayer: Egg Sisters Cosplay

Photographer: ? (Comment if you know!)

Welcome to one of the most badass things I've ever seen. This Reinhart build by Egg Sisters Cosplay is next level bananas. The little details that went into alone has me absolutely floored. Apparently, this thing took about a month and a half to put together. The cost? It wasn't disclosed. Not sure we really want to know anyway so let's just sit back and bask in the majestic glory that is this cosplay. I shudder beneath the cold shadow of its magnificence.

These awesome pieces of art are only just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of great people out there doing some awesome work that you definitely should seek out. I highly recommend checking these guys out and also going to find your own personal favorites. And not just on the internet, either. If you can, you really should go to a con because walking around and suddenly seeing someone sporting a walking piece of artwork in person is absolutely mind blowing.

Got some of your own favorites that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!


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