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The streamer life. There's nothing quite like it. Getting paid to play video games all day long is a gamer's dream come true. But sometimes it doesn't all go to plan, and strange and unusual events conspire to interrupt our favorite pastime. Sometimes, real life gets in the way.

So with that in mind, we look at the eight strangest times real life interrupted streaming.

1. Diablo III Streamer Dies While Talking To Wife

This one just breaks my heart.

Everyone has those days when their significant other wanders in during World of Warcraft raids, and you have to juggle healing your main tank with trying to not be a dismissive asshole.

So of course hardcore streamer Trenith was distracted when his wife entered the room carrying their baby. Rather than try to play through and simultaneously talk with his other half, he did the courteous thing and warped back to town before putting down the game. Wait — oh no, he did not go back to town!

Unfortunately, Trenith didn't realize his mistake until after his Level 60 monk died and he could only go back to the main menu and lament his loss. But we give him full marks for being a good husband and father. RIP.

2. Pokémon Streamer Stopped By Earthquake

This story only broke yesterday, but with the advent of the 6.9-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan (and the ensuing tsunami), one Pokémon streamer got all the interruption he could handle.

Twitch streamer Kaihama was playing through when the giant quake hit. Amid his swearing and the ensuing freak-out, his whole room and webcam shook fervently. But in true cool gamer fashion, Kaihama simply checked the news to confirm the earthquake before returning to his gameplay.

What a hero.

3. LoL Streamer Phantomlord Swatted

There have been many instances of people getting swatted, but perhaps there wasn't any more infamous or frequently watched than League of Legends streamer Phantomlord who, at the time, was the seventh-largest streamer on all of Twitch.

The events begin innocuously enough, with Phantomlord joking that cops have been called to his house and he'll be right back.

And that was the last we heard from him all day.

The poor guy had quite the ordeal over the next 24 hours. A hacker group who was bringing down servers (amongst other games) called the po-po to say there was a hostage situation. Phantomlord was released the next day, but not before:

  • Having automatic weapons pointed at him
  • Being handcuffed
  • Thrown in the back of a police van
  • Being held overnight

The only good thing to come out of the situation was that his viewers ordered him takeout the next day when he finally arrived home.

If you want to watch Phantomlord tell his version of events, there is a YouTube video of him explaining what went down to almost 60,000 viewers.

4. CS:GO Streamer Kootra Swatted

This swatting incident was a little more amicably resolved and deserves honorable mention on this list, simply because of how calmly Kootra was while he had so many automatic weapons pointed at him; that and he realized what was happening even before it happened.

On his stream of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can hear him comment about the police clearing rooms around the 6-minute, 30-second mark, before he realizes out loud, "I think we're about to get swatted." The proper action kicks off around 6 minutes, 55 seconds:

Luckily he was able to explaining streaming to the officers, and they noticed his setup before checking out the rest of the apartment and realizing no hostages were being held against their will.

Remember everyone, swatting isn't cool!

5. Pokémon Go Player Mugged While Streaming

There have been a myriad of dangers — both to Pokémon Go players and created by Pokémon Go players — but nothing caught on camera was more haunting than this instance of Twitch streamer Rickeybot being robbed while streaming in Central Park.

You can hear his haunting cries, begging his assailant to stop, before the thief runs into the night and factory resets the stolen phone. Luckily for Rickey, he had several other devices with him and reported the robbery and attack to the police within minutes.

He recovered and was OK, but it was still scary.

6. WoW Streamer Accidentally Has Sex On Stream

As if we needed more evidence to dispel the myth that gamers have a lot of sex, there was this instance a few years ago where streamer Murdaralph accidentally left his stream on when his girlfriend came a-calling.

After "turning off" the stream, the two started Netflix and chilling before things took a turn for the saucy and they engaged in a late-night romp that was viewed by an army of his followers.

Murdaralph didn't realize his mistake until the next day, when he went to his computer and saw his stream was still on. Whoops!

Luckily he was in good spirits, and the hardest part was surely getting his girlfriend to forgive him. And for those of you who might cry out "pics or gtfo," the incriminating evidence has been removed by Twitch and most other places, but the above vid still shows the morning after, when his face locks in horror and realization following his girlfriend's exit.

7. Streamer Pretends To Be Paraplegic, Then Walks

This is probably one of the most scumbag moves in the history of streaming. was a "paraplegic" streamer who collected donations for amenities, like a new wheelchair to make him more comfortable. People were supportive and delighted in how good he was at the games he played. And then he performed an on-camera miracle.

Yes, he actually got out of his chair and walked.

The shyster's friend, who was in on the scheme, tried to warn him of what he was doing by using a weird story as a code, but by then the damage had been done. ZiloanOP's Twitch channel was swiftly shut down and we don't have to deal with nonsense like this anymore.

8. Streamer Gets Arrested & Robbed On Stream

This story has to go down as the biggest double whammy in streaming. Twitch streamer Mr. Big was already down on his luck when neighbors made a noise complaint against him for his excessive gameplay.

An officer responded and the two argued for a time before the officer arrested Mr. Big because he was being "uncooperative." Bad luck, right?

Worse luck? His neighbor who witnessed the police interaction then went into his unlocked apartment and robbed the place, less than a minute later. He took shoes, a headset, cellphone, wallet, and other items.

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending, with the thief clearly caught red-handed and Mr. Big having his property returned to him. But man, that could have been really bad!

What are the strangest Twitch interruptions you've seen?


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