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With Oculus Rift and HTC Vive now flying off of shelves and PlayStation VR just around the corner, we're in all search of that spine-chilling P.T.-style virtual reality experience. As expected, there's a long line of developers ready with tech demos and interactive games to show off.

If you're craving that heart pounding paranoia from your headset, there's a promising amount of choice regardless of which platform you prefer.

From on rails shooters, to generic creepy run down house exploration, here are nine virtual reality horror games that you're not prepared to play.

1. Ghost Theory

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, Mac OSX

If you're looking for more than just a few cheap jump scares, Ghost Theory seems to promise a truly immersive experience. During their struggle, a university department asks you to join their secret research team, making you a field operative in paranormal investigations. Offering in depth puzzles, mysteries and a vast array of in game items to interact with, this Kickstarter project takes paranormal research seriously.

Giving players the opportunity to literally ghost hunt, this experience looks to be truly unique and gripping, with that wonderfully terrifying twist too. Investigate real haunted places and bring a spare pair of underwear for this experience.

2. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Platform: PlayStation VR

By now a lot of us have played through and enjoyed the stereotypical lovable horror game that is Until Dawn. From its butterfly effect mechanics to its relatable characters and picturesque visuals, the PlayStation exclusive has been a hit with many. Taking a total turn around, Rush of Blood will bring new and exciting functions to the table. Giving off House of the Dead retro vibes, this on-rails shooter is bursting with jump scares and gruesome enemies to face.

Just watching through this gameplay trailer we can see how incredibly interactive this experience is, forcing the player to fight for their life through the ironically named fun house.

If you weren't already scared of clowns, be prepared to adopt a new found fear in this funked up theme park.

3. Here They Lie

Platform: PlayStation VR

Imagine being placed in a terrifying world from which you cannot escape. Being able to do nothing but solely make your way through a nightmarish city inhabited by strange, eerie creatures. Yep, that's Here They Lie. Giving off dark Dishonored vibes, this PlayStation exclusive experience provides the sort of exploration that you don't feel like exploring.

Giving very little away as of yet, this PlayStation VR experience looks to be rich with spooky and unsettling vibes that we can look forward to suffering through. Unless you're into dark shadowed creatures and sharp sounding music, then this will be a doddle for you.

4. Visage

Platform: PC

Although the stereotypical definition of 'scary' has become a P.T. styled dark house with an unsettling soundtrack and spooky child or two, I for one still can't get enough of it. Visage looks to bring the same family home that's been cursed by demons kinda vibe, and don't you just love it?

I'll agree, there's only so many jump scares you can sit through in one game - but this alpha gameplay trailer is undeniably spine chilling. With its stealthy use of hiding in bedroom cupboards and its heart pounding moments of following dark figures around your environment, this game could be up their with its parents of the genre: P.T. and Allison Road - that is, if Allison Road doesn't get cancelled, again. Now there's a truly frightening thought.

5. Late Night Shop

Platform: PC, Mac OSX, Linux

Remember losing your parent in a shopping mall when you were a kid? Remember feeling like you'd never see them again and have to fend for yourself for eternity? Did you cry like a baby? Yeah, me too. Late Night Shop will fill you with all those friendly childhood memories, and so much more.

Bright and bold colors guide you through sterile and cold environments as you attempt to find your way out of a shop late at night, if the title didn't already give that part away. This early gameplay trailer shows the success this title could have in virtual reality, I mean just look at those mannequins. Oh, you can't see them? Turn around.

6. Resident Evil 7

Platform: PlayStation VR (one year timed exclusive)

How could this not get a mention? We've all played that unforgettable Resident Evil 7 demo by now, and we all also know the feeling of wanting much more of it.

Although I found clutching my controller and slowly making my way through that horrific house a delight, I'm not convinced I'd be able to do it so bravely in virtual reality. Will you be brave enough to put on that VR headset, and welcome yourself to the family?

7. Inner Chains

Platform: PC

Going for a medieval Bloodborne style, Inner Chains looks pretty unique and different from any other VR experience thus far. The gameplay itself looks as if it could be played in a stealthy or face-paced way, giving you freedom and choice. With its deep, dark setting, this gameplay trailer looks to be a real virtual tour of hell.

Could Inner Chains possibly be a competitor for Bethesda's DOOM virtual reality? Either way, it looks as if you'll have to strategically fight your way through this gruesome world.

8. Albino Lullaby

Platform: PC

You know that moment when you're on a rollercoaster, it gets to the top and just before the drop you feel your stomach sink? That's what this game is. With its unsettling soundtrack and confusing environments, Albino Lullaby is incredibly vivid in color and rich with grinning creepy enemies, keeping you constantly on your toes.

The general plot is to escape this surreal, psychological nightmare as the world around you dynamically twists and runs in real time. Having an actual narrative and story to unravel is a refreshing move on a virtual reality game and looks to be incredibly gripping. Just don't get too hooked, or you'll never escape.

9. The Walking Dead

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Who wouldn't want another Walking Dead game? With the endless popularity of the comic and TV series, it was only a matter of time until a virtual experience for this franchise became a reality.

Fighting your way through mass hordes of zombies and seeing your team mates dragged away from you helplessly looks to be what this game is all about. Although we can expect quite a few zombie experiences from virtual reality, if done well Overkill could really kill it with this one. Adding the right amount of references as a credit to the Walking Dead series would make for a gripping and lengthy interactive experience.

Although VR is still relatively new technology, it will be interesting to watch which horror franchises will jump on the bandwagon. There's a whole other scale of games and movies that definitely deserve the virtual reality treatment, and the future looks bright (in a dark and scary kinda way) for VR.

This was just a snippet of the daunting experiences yet to come for virtual reality – got a terrifying title that would make your list? Drop it down in the comments!


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