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It seems that these days, everything '90s is back with a vengeance. Kicking it to Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back or The KLF's 3 a.m. Eternal, these tracks continue to be dance floor favorites to this day.

Straight out of a '90s revival party, the popular puzzle-platformer game Lemmings is back once again for the renegade master, the D4 damager with the ill behavior.

In the video game space, it's only fitting that developer DMA Design's 1991 gaming classic is also revived to provide a clear passage to the ever-evolving sphere of Augmented Reality.

It's Called HoloLems

The intrinsic connection between technology and our day-to-day lives has already augmented our perceptions of the reality around us. The real-time accessibility of information and connectivity with friends is far removed from the analogue habits and practices of yesteryear.

What’s missing as part of this digital metamorphosis is how best to assimilate the technological advances into our sensory perceptions of our real world.

Globacore, a technology company headquartered in Toronto that specializes in virtual reality among other things, has come up with the concept using Microsoft's . According to Globacore's official website:

HOLOLEMS is a holographic homage to classic 90's video game Lemmings. The objective is to guide a gang of impressionable digital arvicolinae through a number of real world obstacles to a designated subnivean subclave while wearing Microsoft's HoloLens.

Credit: Globacore
Credit: Globacore

Using your home and its furnishings as the Lemming obstacles shows how far we have come in the VR space. Augmented reality moves us away from the tethered world of conventional into a treasure trove of real-world possibilities and adaptations.

The Microsoft HoloLens is a headset that displays holographic images, merging digital and physical realities into one augmented world of immersion.

How exciting will our future gaming be once we rise from the lounge like a gamer reborn to once again participate and interact with our surroundings.

There Are Also Voice Commands

Credit: Globacore
Credit: Globacore

The challenge with any Lemmings game has always been how best to maneuver these little green-haired, blue-robed, bipedal rodents safely to the exit. With the there are four voice commands to assist you to guide this placid conga line of '90s awesomeness around the room:

  • Blocker Left
  • Blocker Right
  • Build Bridge
  • New Scan

For added effect, it's suggested to crank up classic Billy Ray Cyrus while saying the above commands out loud to give you that hoedown feel the challenge craves.

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A World Within Worlds

Credit: Globacore
Credit: Globacore

The practicality of millions of people wearing the HoloLens remains the primary hurdle for such a reality to come to fruition. Over time, as products like the HoloLens become mainstream, the application of will be an exciting one.

The groove is now well and truly in the heart for VR, and as the funk phenomena of the '90s lives on, let's hope we will see more time-honored video games strike up again to release the pressure on our expectations. If it all comes together, what a sensation.

HoloLems is available now. Download the game at the Microsoft online store. What '90s games do you want to see made on Microsoft's HoloLens? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Main image credit: Globacore]


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