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While we've been hard at work enjoying the fruits of our labor with Resident Evil 7, biding our time until the release of the real Resident Evil 2 remake, the creators of the unofficial remake have been moving forward with an original project of their ownDaymare: 1998. However...

Latest Trailer For 'Daymare: 1998' Leaves Us Wondering What's Going On With This Guy's Accent

I want to say that we're getting a lot of new info from this trailer and the accompanying narration but, after watching it, I really just feel confused. What's he saying?

Here's what I heard:

I can't believe all this happened and I can't believe it's all your fault. All these dead people. What the hell [were or will] we [unintelligible]? It's not your problem anymore. Now, it's mine.

Seems like there's a lot of beef stirring between our narrator and another person that lead to the death of "all these people." I'm sure there will come a day when the two have to face their problems. For now, it seems like we'll be stuck with the clean up and this guy's incessant rambling. I'm pumped!

'Daymare: 1998' [Credit: Invader Studios]
'Daymare: 1998' [Credit: Invader Studios]

Apprehensions aside, it seems like the Daymare team has a great set of heads on their collective shoulders. Their Kickstarter page reiterates their commitment to recreating 80s and 90s horror from the films and games that we've come to love. I, for one, am certainly getting some vibes from the new trailer—elements of camp included.

Despite the cancellation of their Resident Evil 2 remake, Invader Studios speaks highly of Capcom and even makes a statement about the ongoing support they've received from the company in the last months. Good Guy Capcom is bringing tears to my eyes, y'all. All in all, it really seems like this game will be a labour of love that'll be deeply appreciated by fans and skeptics alike.

'Daymare: 1998' Isn't The Only Game In The Sketchy Voiceover Business...

The recently released inspired indie game, Husk delivers a similarly brooding vibe in its trailers. The (James Sunderland) force is strong with this one. Maybe too strong?

Mixed reviews have revealed a slight disparity between the game's promises and the delivered gameplay but the future looks bright for Undead Scout and Kholat publisher, IMGN.PRO. An impressive, three updates have been released for the game since its February 3 launch date so the intention to improve the experience is present and clear.

Have you given Husk a shot or will you be waiting for Daymare: 1998 to come out?


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