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Ariana Grande is set to appear in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius later this year. Yes, you heard right, the child television star turned rather raunchy pop singer has landed a role in Square Enix's next Final Fantasy offering. Exvius will launch on mobile devices and does not appear to be an addition to the main numbered Final Fantasy franchise.

In her latest Instagram post, Grande seemed very excited to be a part of the team, announcing that:

Which was followed by a short video detailing her characters animations:

From the Brave Exvius trailer and Ariana's character video, we can determine that the game is following the classic style of Final Fantasy gameplay, with simplified, pixilated graphics. The idea behind the game is to follow two young knights of valor and their partner, a girl who is bereft of her memory. The small team are pulled across the realms of Final Fantasy in a seemingly beautiful mixture of beauty and sudden danger.

A New Realm For Final Fantasy

I doubt you are going to need much time to guess what sort of reaction this announcement is going to bring. A famous young singer is joining up with one of the most beloved fantasy franchises of all time. Grande's star power may bring some new fans and gamers into the Final Fantasy fold, but she is not writing any aspects of it, nor is she announced to create any of the soundtrack.

So why is this garnering so much hate already? Maybe some of the more hardcore fans just do not want Final Fantasy to shift towards the glitz and glimmers of hollywood and the music world. Final Fantasy is already one of the most well known series of all time, so it is bound to have some famous fans, but is their choice to actively participate in the game a step too far? We will only find out once the game is released.

The Final Fantasy fans have already weighed in with their opinion and it is overwhelmingly negative to say the least:

Ariana's involvement may be raising some eyebrows, but we have seen celebrities provide voiceover's for video games before. We've seen Sean Bean in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Civilization 6, Stephen Fry in Little Big Planet, Kit Harrington in Call of Duty: Infinite, and so on. But an active involvement is slightly rarer. Let it be noted that even though Ariana is appearing in the game, she will be some very basic pixels rather than a full scale model, so it could hardly offensive to the eyes of any haters not in the know.

It is a case of waiting and seeing what will happen with Ariana and her inclusion with the Final Fantasy series. We trust the Square Enix know what they are doing here. It is unlike them to just throw their money to get a big star in and promote their material when they know they have enough of a foot holding in place to create a beloved game anyway.


What do you think about celebrities being involved in video games?


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