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To be honest, I wasn't expecting a whole lot from in the world of gaming. I was wrong, but I'm glad.

The internet is now buzzing about the new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay, and there were a ton of fascinating announcements from the show. But so far, my favorite, one of the ones most applicable to my personal gaming life is a new demo Razer did of their Chroma technology as part of "Project Ariana."

Basically, the tech uses a projector to turn your entire room into an extension of your monitor. Check out the video explaining how it works:


I've used a Razer Deathadder Chroma mouse for over a year now, and here I just thought it was my mouse making pretty lights. I had no idea the deeper tech that Razer was developing.

"Project Ariana brings a whole new dimension to immersive gaming with Razer Chroma which communicates with the game in real time to create both lighting and video effects. This results in everything from peripherals to smart lighting and even video projection, all working as one to give you a truly incredible visual gaming experience."

The device also works as a normal HD projector, and you can also turn off the integration if you don't want certain games to take over your entire apartment.

This tech got me excited because I am one of those people who (in part) likes games for pretty graphics, and amazing visuals. The visual experience of gaming is a huge part of its appeal to me, and I can often forgive games for sub-par stories—even sub-par gameplay sometimes—if it's visually appealing.

Given that I am such a visually oriented person, it may surprise you that I haven't really gotten into VR. First off, I am one of those people that does get a little motion sickness from VR. But apart from that, I think the devices are pretty uncomfortable, and I don't think my eyes or head would handle having the headset on for hours and hours very well - which is generally how I game.


In the future, when technology gets to the point of being more unnoticeable, I may come to enjoy tech like this, but for now I am passing on VR.

Which is why I'm so excited for Project Ariana!

I don't have to wear anything, and it still gives me a much richer, immersive experience. My whole room becomes the game, which is so cool!

Imagine your keyboard flashing when you're low on ammo in Overwatch, or you getting a room-wide alert if you're being seen in Dishonored 2 or Watch Dogs 2. This is the type of thing that would make the Chroma technology awesome, instead of just pretty lights.

But, I mean—it is really pretty!


What do you think of Razer's Project Ariana?


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