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Not two days ago, we learned that a new anime series called Pokémon Generations would be premiering and that it would be noticeably darker (among other aspects). Today, the first two episodes premiered and boy are they ever a trip down memory lane.

But more than a nostalgia-driven thrill ride, the episodes are a solid hype-builder for the upcoming Sun and Moon games. No, they're not technically connected (yet?) but what makes them so poignant is that their purpose is to bring Pokémon fans of all generations (get it?) together, and they succeed at doing that from the start.

Episode 1 Reminds Us How Far We've Come

This first episode isn't so much a narrative story as it is a reminder of just how far Pokémon has come over the years. I don't want to spoil the beginning for anyone, but it brought me back in ways that were completely unexpected and invoked more nostalgia than I was prepared for.

I'll be honest, I haven't played a Pokémon game since the Ruby/Sapphire generation. Not because of a lack of interest, but because I didn't have the time (or a 3DS). But times have changed and I am looking forward to Sun and Moon because they'll mark my glorious return to the series. The first Generations episode is a great, high-speed catch-up with what I've missed while I've been away.

Again, it starts in the most amazing way possible and then evolves into a series of smooth transitions between all of the different Pokémon regions. From Kanto all the way to Kalos, viewers are treated to delightfully distilled versions of the best moments from the series — all revolving around Pikachu and his epic adventures across the land.

Episode 2 Mixes Old With New

The second episode is, well, actually an episode, for starters. It revolves around a certain Detective Looker, whom I'm told is actually a character from X and Y. The cool part here is that this detective is investigating the Viridian City Gym leader — Giovanni.

Why is that so cool? Well for one, I'm a big nerd and nerdy things are cool to me. More on-point, however, is the fact that this is a way of bridging an investigator from X and Y with a bad guy alllllll the way from the beginning.

In doing so, Generations is already showing it knows how to live up to its name. Is it directly tied to Sun and Moon? No. But it still has me excited because it's reminding me just how far Pokémon has come over the years. And, personally, I can't wait to see how Sun and Moon will carry the series forward.

New episodes of Generations will appear on YouTube weekly up through December 23rd.

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