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By now, we're all accustomed to using our Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s however we need. Conventional internet opinion would probably tell you that the PS4 ends up edging out the Xbox One, and many vocally deem the PS4 to have 'won' the console war ages ago.

But, while many would assume that the PS4 is the #1 most used console device, a recent survey shows that's not actually the case.

So, ignore the internet hivemind, because this new survey from the Global Web Index says people are spending a lot more of their time using an Xbox One, or even a Wii U, than they spend on a PS4.

We're Actually Playing a Lot of Xbox One Games

So what exactly did this study say about us Xbox One users?

We're playing games, and comparatively more than PlayStation 4 users are.

The study suggested that Xbox One users are actually playing an average of 12 minutes more per day than their PlayStation 4 brothers and sisters. As an owner of both, I could have sworn I split my time evenly between both consoles.

However, time spent on both doesn't take away the fact the majority of our time is gaming over any other multimedia. While the Xbox One certainly is a rather strong multimedia device, I do find myself gaming on it quite often, and I'm okay with that. With games such as the newly released Forza Horizon 3 and the upcoming Gears of War 4 being highlights of the Xbox One for the next month, it's time for Microsoft to truly show what the Xbox One will be capable of this fall and to show us just how much time we are actually spending on our games.

So How Much More Time are Xbox One Gamers Spending Compared to Others?

Again, considering that many vocally decry the Xbox One online, it's surprising to see how much more time Xbox One players report they are spending gaming than anyone other console. With us spending roughly 10-15 minutes more than the PlayStation 4, it's quite surprising to see we are spending only roughly a minute more daily than players spend with Nintendo Wii U.

Additionally, that total of about two and half hours, around 200 minutes, means that most console gamers are actually spending more time gaming everyday than the runtime of most movies.

Gamers Spending More Time Gaming on Xbox One is Good for Scorpio and Slim

Courtesy of Microsoft
Courtesy of Microsoft

While you may be wondering what this means for Scorpio, it actually means quite a bit This kind of activity will help Microsoft gauge what gamers are doing, what they need, and what they want in order to improve your gaming experience.

With things such as 4K gaming, VR support, and 4K movies already almost here for us with the PlayStation 4 Pro, this kind of research will help Microsoft better understand our needs and how to gauge their consoles development directions.

Whether they provide us an experience better than the PlayStation 4 Pro is unknown, we do know that us being gamers, we want our games, and we love them. This is good news for us, Microsoft, and everyone involved to see that their gaming oriented focus is working.

Two Quick Caveats are Necessary

First of all, when we look at this data, it's important to recognize that the Global Web Index also found that more than double the number of console users are playing games on their PCs and smartphones every day. For all we know of console use, the time per day does need to be put into context next to these other other gaming platforms.

Second, the information here about play time lacks a lot of information about survey methodology as well as details about the sample size and make up. As far as we can tell from the public infographics, the sample makes up users 16-64 and the results are appear to be self-reported rather than based on empirical data. So, at the very least, Xbox One users report that they use their Xbox more than PS4 users report they use their PS4s.


How do you spend your time on Xbox One?

Source: Global Web Index


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