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Everyone's favorite wall-crawler Spider-Man (Peter Parker) will soon be getting a new PS4 game, but not many details have been released about the game until now. IMDB has possibly leaked some details about the game that has got me really excited. These details have since been taken down from the website, but thankfully (this time) we still have a screenshot of the leak.

Now these details may not be true and developers Insomniac Games have yet to comment about this leak, so take it with a grain of salt. But it looks like we're looking a game that follows a very new Spider-Man storyline: Renew Your Vows.

Alternate Universe Where Spider-Man Is Older: a Husband and a Father

IMBD leak
IMBD leak

First, let's get out the way: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko are obviously not writing this game, they'll more than likely be just getting credit for creating the character.

More About 'Spider-Man' For PS4

As for the story it seems to be taking inspiration from the recent Spider-Man storyline known as Renew Your Vows. Now, if you don't know what Renew Your Vows is, well you're in luck – I do. Renew Your Vows is set in an alternate Spidey universe, where the events of One More Day never happened, and Spider-Man remained married to Mary Jane and had child named Annie Parker.

This Storyline Only Started Mid 2015

Via Marvel
Via Marvel

The series started as a tie-in to the Marvel event Secret Wars (2015). It is now an ongoing title (two issues in, as of this writing) a part of the Marvel Now line. Since Renew Your Vows is a great story I'm glad this game will be taking inspiration from a story not many casual Spidey fans know about.

This storyline also opens up the possibility of playing Mary Jane and Annie Parker since in the Renew Your Vows universe they both have Spider powers. As for the villain the Green Goblin I just hope he is well acted and designed – the Goblin can be a bit hit or miss. Since the Renew storyline is so early in its printing, it's hard to tell what other villains might be present, like Mr. Negative, Black Cat, and Doc Ock.

Annie Parker
Annie Parker

So what do you think about this potential information about this new information for the Spider-Man game? Leave a comment below!

*Edit: The developers have denied this rumor*


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