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Halloween weekend is probably the best excuse you'll ever have to try out a horror game if you've always been curious. As popular as horror games are, and as popular as horror game Let's Players like PewDiePie and Markiplier are, so many people have never actually played a horror game.

If you own a computer, PC or Mac, you have a ton of cheap options to give it a go this weekend with Steam's huge Halloween Weekend sale. It's a great opportunity to see what the fuss is about.

Below are some of our favorite horror game recommendations! Most of these titles have been out for a few years, so you won't even need a good computer to try them out. If you don't have any cash to spend, there are plenty of great free horror games out there too!


  • PC, Mac – $4.99
  • The classic, twisted jump-scare game about a reporter investigating an asylum only to become trapped inside with the violent inmates and sinister paranormal plot.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • PC, Mac – $4.99
  • The game that launched a thousand YouTube channels, Amnesia was one of the first widely popular horror games to take guns away from players. Armed with only your wit, you must dive deep into the ancient manor you're trapped in to uncover secrets and remember your past.

Resident Evil 4

  • PC – $6.99
  • One of the most praised and critically acclaimed Resident Evil games ever made, RE4 follows Leon Kennedy as he rescues the US President's daughter from a village full of insane, infected villagers.

BioShock Remastered

  • PC – $9.99
  • While many think of the recent, bright, cloud-top BioShock Infinite, let's not forget BioShock's origins as a dark, atmospheric, survival game. If you don't want the remaster, the original games are on Steam as well.

The Darkest Dungeon

  • PC, Mac – $14.99
  • This 2D RPG hasn't gotten as much mainstream press as it deserves, but is well loved in many internet communities. Instead of jump scares, expect a turn-based Lovecraftian dungeon crawl where your party's sanity is just as important as their hit points.

Dead Space 1 & 2

  • PC – $4.99 each
  • The Dead Space franchise is best known for its unique take on zombie creatures, where headshots aren't actually the best kill option for these fast aliens. Instead, you'll need to shoot off the limbs of creatures with various improvised weapons as engineer Isaac Clark in an overrun Aliens-esq space station.

The Walking Dead: Season 1 & 2

  • PC, Mac – $6.24 each
  • The Walking Dead games seem particularly worth checking out right now if you're a big fan of The Walking Dead show (even if you're not a big fan of a Negan). Both seasons offer thoughtful narratives, great characters, and some excellent writing that lead to some truly emotional scenes. I dare you not to shed a tear at the end of Season 1.

These recommendations are only a slice of all the excellent offerings from the Steam Halloween sale.

If you're a veteran horror game player, what other games would you recommend newbies check out?


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