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I feel like every year Blizzcon proves that it brings out the gold standard of cosplaying. Yes, there are also fantastic panels and awesome announcements surrounding their many, strangely addicting intellectual properties. That part we all know and look forward to. But if you're a fan of cosplay then you know that Blizzcon is definitely the place to be to see some of the very best. This year did not disappoint and, man, were there some sights to see.

There was a lot great work showcased at the convention floor so it's hard to get all of them in one go. Sneaky Zebra did their best and recently came out with an epic highlight reel of the best that Blizzcon 2016 had to offer. Check it out.


Blizzcon is actually one Sneaky Zebra's favorite cons to attend and with very good reason. We had a chance to speak to Nick Acott, one half of the Zebras about it and he had this to say.

Blizzcon is a more of a unique event because all the cosplay builds are either huge armours or great details and it shows with a really awesome cosplaying fan base. It's definitely one of the top ones.

A Slightly Different Approach

A majority of cosplay videos from conventions tend to showcase different types of cosplay briefly and then move on to the next with the intent of getting as many in as possible within a reasonable run time. In Blizzcon's case, Sneaky Zebra decided on a different approach to the making of their video.

We like to slow some stuff down a little more, do more showcasing shots and close ups or cut-aways because cosplayers have been spending weeks if not months building these costumes.

I would assume that there must be something keenly rewarding about getting to see your cosplay in action and knowing that other people from all over are seeing it too.

As the hobby becomes more and more popular, the reach of these kinds of videos gets that much more broader giving cosplayers a real chance to shine. With video makers like Sneaky Zebra out on the prowl, those who can't make every con are, at the very least, guaranteed some really solid highlights.

Did you see a cosplay from Blizzcon 2016 that really blew you away? Let me know in the comments!


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