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Shadow of the Colossus was one of the biggest surprises from 's press conference – right on par with Miles Morales in Spider-Man. A full on remake of the PS2 original, is a game those who played oft define as perfect. The PS4 remake could simply be a boost in visuals and frame rate and loyal fans would be happy. Personally, I'm not the biggest believer in buying a remake/remaster without adding something new.

So, if Shadow is a masterpiece that should remain untouched, then adding optional changes would be the way to go. And it seems the game's developers are aware of this. Graphical improvements aside, the only announced difference will be the control scheme. The controls will be optimized to reflect what the developers feel will be a much better and modern way to play the game. For those who wish to play as it was, the original controls will be left completely intact. This new control set up will be an optional change to be used at the player's discretion.

If we take this approach and apply it to the whole of the game, there's a way to create a remake that evokes the feel of the original while providing others like myself, with something new.

A Master Quest-Like Mode Would Be Awesome

Somethings about Shadow reminds me of The Legend of Zelda. You're a silent protagonist with an odd name, who sets out on a journey via horseback, in a semi-open environment, solving puzzles, collecting secret items and all to save a young woman.

Something the Zelda series has that Shadow doesn't is the Master Quest mode: a feature that makes the game harder and remixes the puzzles and item locations. Shadow does offer a hard mode that increases the damage you incur along with making some Colossi attacks instant kill. However, if you solved the puzzle on how to defeat each Colossus, there's not too much new save for an additional weak point on a couple of Colossi.

Going the Master Quest route and changing up some of the bosses patterns and or weak point locations, the player will now have to find a different solution to solve the puzzle. Even altering item locations would add something new for veteran players who know the game inside and out.

Not to mention this could even be a way to bring in the cut Colossi that were deemed too similar to ones already in the game. The remix build could replace them with the respective similar Colossus as a way of slightly "changing up the puzzle" per se. Of course, just like Zelda, Shadow's Master Quest would be an optional feature.

How About Fighting The Colossi In The Order You Want?

The original game was smartly designed to have you fight the Colossi in a certain order. You encounter the easier ones earlier in the game so the player could get the hang of what goes into these fights. With each defeated Colossus you don't gain any items or tools necessary to further progression. All you gain is the knowledge of what was required of you, the player to take the Colossus down. In a way, each fight has the player them-self leveling up. Once that knowledge is gained it's not forgotten when you start a new game.

So maybe when you start a new game there may be a specific Colossus you wish to fight, but you have to complete these other five bosses to get to it. Allowing the player to pick whom they wish to fight would solve this. And for those who find the original order perfect, they can opt to fight Colossi as the developers originally intended.

The Story Can Always Be Expanded

What you got out the story was variant on how much you explored. There are temples that tell part of a Colossus's story and the architecture and setting give way to a deeper history.

From what we know of Shadow, it's a prequel to Ico, taking place in the same world. While the connections are vague with much left to speculation. Last year also saw the release of The Last Guardian. Should Guardian be set in the same world, the remake gives a prime opportunity to explore how all three games are connected. This could be implemented in a very Shadow-like way.

New cutscenes wouldn't even have to be used. A few additional temples or maybe even new items with some story data to read in the description would be enough to connect Shadow to Guardian. Not to mention just handling any new story info as such would further the depth of exploration. Just like the original game, finding these clues is not mandatory.

So whether you're someone finds the game perfect as is, or more like me and would prefer something new, I think you can agree that these potential additions to the game won't harm an already amazing experience. These additions would take what already works and expand upon that. It's never bad to have more of a good thing now, is it?

Let us know what changes or additions (if any) you'd like to see Shadow of the Colossus remake in the comments below!


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