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Welcome to part one of our complete guide to the enemies of Agony.

In this four-part series, we will uncover four major enemies of Agony and tell you how best to counter, defeat or serve said enemies.

Overcoming the stench of death is only the beginning. Agony is unlike any horror game you have ever played. The enemies you will meet along the way are foul, sulphureous creatures born out of the rotting flesh of the fallen — twisted amalgamations spawned from centuries of sin and brutality.

Agony is sure to test your mind as well as your soul.

Episode 1: The Chort

The Chort is by far the largest and most powerful of the Red Goddess' minions. He relies on brute force to crush and mangle his prey. As well as being the largest of all her soldiers the Chort is the most loyal.

Like a worker bee, he is unconsciously driven to serve and satisfy his queen. This is done primarily by erecting barbaric constructions to her glory out of the rotting corpses of his victims.

The Chort lives for one purpose: To serve the Red Goddess by inflicting as much pain as he can on others. The Chort is not picky; he will prey upon any creature he can, even other demons. His presence alone is enough to send all other demons running to the shadows.

His methods of attack are simple. He employs pure brutality inflicted through crushing, smashing and tearing. His lust for blood, torture and agony makes him one of the most deadly enemies in the game. Make no mistake, he is feared by all that dwell in hell and is a master of mutilation and dismemberment.

Approach with caution; do not be overconfident!

How to handle the Chort

The Chort is a very powerful demon, but his weakness lies in his strength. His primal strength makes him a lot slower than many other beasts you will encounter. This means that when in open ground, evading the Chort, can be easier than other enemies. However, because of his size and slower pace he has evolved to rely heavily on his other senses, which makes him deadly in close proximity.

He might be easy to lose in long corridors, but if you choose to go head to head in a more confined space your end will be brutal and emphatic.

Top tips:

  • Draw the Chort away from your objective.
  • Do not attempt to engage the Chort in confined spaces.
  • Avoid confrontation.
  • Make the most of the Chort's presence; he will scare other demons away meaning you can gain a certain amount of traction elsewhere demon free.

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