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Welcome to our Agony devlog here on Playsource! I 'm Tomek Dutkiewicz, CEO at Madmind Studio.

As we draw even closer to the release of Agony, we think it's about time that we let you in on some details about what we are doing on a week-to-week basis.

In the next few weeks, we'll give you a better look into our development process, with interviews from our team.

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on development as we will take you backstage in my personal devlog!

So, what lies ahead for Agony in this week?

Work, work, work. Yup, we're very busy in here at Madmind Studios. But this isn't anything new.

What was personally important to me this week was recent fan activity that delved into topics like demonology and the history of mankind.

Our fans finally made first attempts to decipher Red Goddess' true identity. We're trying to read most of the comments on our newest publications, with a hope to find interesting feedback and ideas that we could use in our game.

The main goal for us is to create very detailed and immersive world in Agony, so it's truly heartwarming to me when I read comments made by people who are so interested in our first project.

After many months, we finally found a real interest in Agony storyline, and it makes us work even harder then before.

The Red Goddess plays such a significant role in Agony story, and her personality makes her the most terrifying entity players will ever encounter in the game. She might be seen as an innocent, beautiful woman, but this makes her the most deadly enemy that player can meet in the world full of agony and terror.

Our publications to date always had hidden hints about her identity, and right now our fans have gone a step further to the topics like demonology and history of the mankind, with hopes to unravel her true nature.

All of this was particularly important and motivating, because I was focused on preparing early versions of the scenes in which players will meet the mystical Goddess.

Attempts to find the best angles and frames are always a hard task, and this is one of the reasons why it's so enjoyable to work on a character that is such a point of interest for many players from around the whole world.

This week was also the time of preparations for the motion capture sessions, which should give Agony necessary animation quality and enhance player immersion. It is one of the things that was financed by our Kickstarter backers, so we are trying to meet their high expectations.

The story of sacred Agony

The story that we will try to share with players will have multiple layers. I know that most players don't care about the plot and story in general, and they most likely won't analyze everything we will tell in Agony. But I am excited about the players who actually care about the world we created, and the topics we will try to touch in this dark and terrifying world.

Those players will have much to discover about hell itself and The Goddess who rules it. Agony's pre-production process was a very interesting journey through the oldest known grimoires and myths which described the history of mankind.

Vision of Hell (and demons in general) just recently achived its current form, which is obvious to us, but it was inspired by work of many artists and prophets through the centuries. That's why I felt that making the game about this difficult subject can't rely on those basic and well known images from few religions or systems of belief.

It had to be a personal journey, something special and true to its roots, and the only way to make it right, was to take inspiration directly from the darkest corners of our minds. Agony will throw every religion's hell-based images in one big cauldron and mix them all together.

To fully understand the world we created and the Red Goddess motivations, players will have to search and read many ancient books, which are not so easy to find. We will take our biggest fans for a long journey from Crowley and the Apocalypse, through the apocryphal texts, Lemegeton and the myths of the creation of mankind. And this is just a tip of a tower of books and sacred texts made from the visions and hallucinations of the most engaged writers and shamans.

Writing Agony was very difficult process, because I have to touch difficult subjects and put it in a simple words, so everyone can understand the basics of this multidimensional story, which will unravel its secrets only to the most engaged fans who will be ready to follow the divine path of the Red Goddess.

Each and every day here at Madmind we push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling. We want to reward our fans with a gaming experience like no other. Agony is our collective industry lovechild, and some of us sleep four hours per day to make sure that the end product is going to meet your high expectations!

Thank you for reading. Do please get in touch below, I would love to hear what you guys think of Agony so far!

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Madmind Studio


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