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A studio comprising of veteran game developers, who have worked on numerous AAA titles (The Division, Witcher 3) Currently working on Agony

With this devlog I will try to unravel some top secret information about another part of our work team — specifically, some cool stuff about what it's like to be a designer at Madmind Studio.

It's not as easy a task as you might think. Our work is connected with almost everything that is happening in the game. From designing various mechanics, to creating level environments, to scripting gameplay encounters, to optimization and other tasks. Of course, everything depends on how far we are in the project.

At the start, work was based around creating prototypes for level layouts and gameplay mechanics taken from overall script provided by Tomek's mind. It may seem easy and fun to do, but when you have to create something only using some boxes and imagination... it can be tricky!

Also, we had to find a common ground between his idea of the game and actual reality. Not everything created by our minds can work properly in game.

Later in the project this equation changed. With proper 3D models and first iterations on AI enemies or gameplay mechanics, we could create something real.

Some mechanics had to be changed, while others visited our precious "bin." As I mentioned before, not everything is cool!

At this point we had to work with those gory models on daily basis. It was hard for a while, but we got used to them. Meat, bones, corpses and random guts made no impression on us, and with this approach we were able to go a little further with the game. Near the end of this part, we had a clear vision of the game and we knew what would work.

Right now we are in the next phase. The pure game design part is almost over, so we are just polishing mechanics, tweaking AI behavior and putting a cherry on top of the big cake called "awesome looking environment."

I would say this is the hardest part, because this is the 10% that will do 90% of work to create this awesome feeling while playing.

As you may have guessed, our last week was very busy. We had to do some minor tweaks in a few mechanics, and create and polish some additional routes and secrets you will be able to find in the game. The near future will be similar but with the addition of optimization. It's nothing fancy, but it will be very important for the game, especially for consoles.

I hope you will have a lot of fun playing our game in the future,



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