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Hi everyone! Draco Nared here. I'm going to tell you something about my work — creating music for Agony.

I had joined the team before main production even started. I contacted Tomek Dutkiewicz in 2015, shortly after he published the first materials presenting his idea, and helped him on prototypes and the next visualizations afterwards. Thanks to that, we found a common ground and a line of communication that is useful in current work.

Although it gave me a certain amount of creative freedom, I don't always hit the right tones immediately. Illustrating horror games or films is not the easiest task to do, and someone with a strong vision of the final product adds to the equation even more. One of the key elements in this genre is the soundtrack and, in this case, the bar was set exceptionally high.

It is uncommon to see extremely brutal and ruthless vision of hell — in this place, there is no lenient treatment, and well-known things connect with twisted fantasy. It forces us to set a right balance between caution and courage.

Sometimes we can give too much or too little; that's why one of the good traits in creative work is iteration. Everything can be done better, and the first idea is not always the best. We've seen it many times during the work, and it will happen a couple more times before the release.

One of our goals is to make you feel very uncomfortable during the game. Most of the time, an extraordinary layer of sound effects created by Patryk Karwat will be accompanied by music close to the ambient genre. It won't be just humming and buzzing — we use a wide range of sounds, from traditional to pure synthetic, and from calm or peaceful to aggressive or unsettling. All of this is created so the players can not only to see but also feel how strange and scary a place hell in Agony is.

Aside from the sound textures and pieces characteristic for certain enemies, characters and locations, you'll be able to hear a few melodic motifs, appearing here and there during your voyage.

One of the most significant is the theme of Red Goddess. As the most important being in the game, she needs a strong leitmotiv so the player perceives her not only as a frightful, but a mysterious entity.

The whole experience will be supplemented by songs by Android Lust. Disturbing, heavy and dark music by Shikhee D'iordna and her amazing voice is a perfect frame for the game, introducing the player into the game's atmosphere and crowning the terrifying adventure.

Composing music for such games is challenging in many ways. I am honored to be a part of a team consisting of so many talented and experienced people. I hope that you will enjoy the music you can hear in the game as much as I've enjoyed creating it.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, we'll try to answer them.

Draco Nared


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