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Since releasing our Agony Alpha (ver. 0.666) back in November, we’ve seen several great Let’s Plays on YouTube. And with Agony’s upcoming 2017 Q2 launch, we’re some of our favorite moments from people’s experiences wandering through hell.

So for your viewing pleasure, these are three of the best Agony Let’s Play horror moments up until now.


When it comes to horror games, PewDiePie offers an entertaining blend of comedy and sheer terror. And while much of his walkthrough of the Agony demo is visually censored to be SFW, PewDiePie definitely lets the horror-fueled language rip around the five minute mark — entertaining and very NSFW, unless you’re wearing headphones.

Favorite quote: “I’ll take that jump scare any day!”

Mr Falcon

Mr Falcon brings his calm and relaxing voice into the horrors of hell in his Agony Alpha experience, making many astute observations along his way. We love his moment just before the 7-minute mark.

It’s got all the great ingredients for a player’s earliest Agony experience: mocking far away demons, gravity alteration, and the horrified disgust associated with a disturbing discovery.

Favorite quote: “What are you! Oh my god. Oh no no no no. No, I’m sorry demon.”


Breaking his gameplay experience down into three videos, FrozenFoxy digs into the grotesque halls of hell and uncovers many fun horror moments.

While we recommend watching the whole 3-part Let’s Play in order, one of the best horror moments begins in Part 3 at the 4-minute mark, just as FrozenFoxy makes an interesting observation and right before he encounters a demon few players will soon forget.

Favorite quote: “What the fffff*** is that thing? Apparently I need to run. Go go!”

John Wolfe

John goes into his Alpha experience blind (but hyped) and delivers some wonderful let’s play horror moments.

Around the 13 minute-mark he discovers the power of possession and then encounters the chained demon, and yet our favorite moment of horror is probably when he encounters a certain hellish shrine.

Favorite quote: “I get that we’re in hell but s**! I don’t need to see a… baby hangin outta ya.”

We hope you enjoy these early Alpha 0.666 looks into Agony! And we can’t wait to see what moments of horror and terror the full Let’s Plays are possessed by later in 2017 when Agony launches. Until then, remember to look out for wandering demons, and hold your breath if necessary.


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