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Agony is a first-person, survival horror game being developed by , a studio comprised of AAA developers. The game will be taking players through the inner circles of Hell.

It is a place that is comprised of sinew, sin, and demonic amalgamations of human flesh and bone. Agony's Hell is a place where players will be learning to possess demons, solve puzzles, and crawl in the dark while fighting for survival.

This take on Hell is much different than ones we've seen previously. Madmind is an industry dream team, and Agony is their first baby.

After being given the opportunity to get hands on with Agony, I had the chance to sit down and talk with its creator, Tomasz Dutkiewicz.

Tomasz, lets get a developer kinship going from the off, what drink or snack powers Agony development?

I don't really have a favorite snack, but I love this:

Tomasz and the team are clearly hook-line-and-sinker for this project — even their beverages are hellish!

What was the biggest inspiration behind making a game that takes place in Hell?

I don't really have favorite artist or book that inspired me. I just close my eyes and meditate. If you are ready for it, your mind can show you amazing things. Terrifying and disturbing scenes that can't even be described by words. Those visions are my main inspiration.

Courtesy of Madmnind Sudio
Courtesy of Madmnind Sudio

Has anyone on the team found themselves actually disturbed or scared by the game while play testing?

Well, yes, many times. My favorite moment happened few months ago, when I prepared arts, prototype and a description of the fourth level. [I showed it to] one guy in the team for him to just check it over. He said it was insane but interesting. Half hour later he came back to me, confused, and was like wait, you actually want to do this? So I guess he was in shock!

Courtesy of Madmnind Sudio
Courtesy of Madmnind Sudio

I get the impression that many of us will be in the same boat as that guy very soon. I had only a brief time in Hell with my hands-on, I can't even imagine what other demonic surprises await.

For fun, tell me the silliest thing you've seen happen while developing Agony?

Hmm. This is a hard question actually. I would probably vote for one of the closed presentations I have in the office. Agony was in a very early stage and we tried to simulate physics correctly in the game. Let's say that one part of the martyr's body had default physics. And when I played to show our progress, I possessed that body. The camera just went crazy and focus on that... spinning object. The game crashed 10 seconds later.

I gathered that he was not referring to the martyr's nose and left it there — I would love to have been there to see the look on the audience's faces.

So, the game is coming out on consoles as well as PC. What can console players expect out of graphics and performance?

It's too soon to tell, but we can promise that we will try to make Agony look awesome on both consoles. We have a few console fanboys in the team, so we really don't have a choice ;)

Platform: Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Genre: Horror, survival

Release date: 2017

Developer: Madmind Studios

Overcoming the stench of death is only the beginning - the road is long – Agony will test your mind as well as your soul. This is certainly one of the most promising horror games set to release in 2017. Get over to the Kickstarter campaign now and get backing!

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