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Welcome to week three of our guide to Agony's terrifying enemies. This week we take a haunting turn into the twisted psyche of the Onoskelis.

The primitive priestess of the Red Goddess herself, this sadistic soul is a master of misery and depravity. It is thought that this is the first demon that will visit you on your path to eternal damnation.

In this sense, she is the embodiment of hell and a vision that will burn itself into the very core of your being. Almost all that encounter this beast will perish, but sometimes, if she is feeling playful, she will let you live only to haunt you relentlessly until you eventually yield to madness.

Her ear-piercing cackle can be heard echoing throughout the sulphurous caverns of hell as she torments her victims and pushes them into self-mutilation and murder.

She is one of the most active of demons in Agony; her thirst for sin is incomparable and unquenchable. She is an addict with a craving for blood that will never be quenched; she is seductive, strong and relentless, steer clear of this demon.

It is believed that her eternal soul burns in the fires, deep beneath hell itself, and this is what drives her unrelenting desire to kill.

Once you've met an Onoskelis you will never be free from her torment; she will never leave you in peace. She will whisper to you, you will feel her breath bristle the hair on the back of your neck, and when you least expect it, she will appear and drag you back to her lair in hell. That is her essence.

Fear the Onoskelis, for in hell, everyone can hear you scream!

Top tips:

  • She is a powerful demon but is no match for the Succubus and the Chort.
  • Use fire to distract her.
  • Use her blindness as your weapon. She won't see you when you wont make a noise.

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