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A studio comprising of veteran game developers, who have worked on numerous AAA titles (The Division, Witcher 3) Currently working on Agony

Today, we have something a little different to show you. But let me warn you; this is no ordinary showcase. This is something real, and something truly demonic. Somehow a demon has crossed through the gates of purgatory and transcended into our world.

This stinking, soulless beast has come to scorch the earth and bring pain and misery to all that walk upon it. From the deepest, darkest depths of Madmind Studio comes this beautifully crafted figurine of one of our demons.

But what is this purpose of all this, we hear you cry? Well, that is our little secret... for now. Would you want one of these figurines with Agony?

A word of caution if you do want a figurine; we take no responsibility for the demon's actions outside of the studio.

From the very first day that these figurines arrived here things have been a little different around here. There are even whispers around the office that they come to life at night.

Agony is our epic depiction of hell that sees the player plummet deep into the depths of the devil's realm. We have tried to be as original as possible during the design process and we feel that this unique demon figurine is representative of just that.

The aim is that our twisted representation of hell will have players all over the world playing from behind the sofa. For more info on Agony head over to our game page and follow us on Steam and Facebook.

So, what do you make of our figurines? Do you want one?


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