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Welcome to week four of our guide to Agony's terrifying enemies. This week we take a twisted turn into the shadows as we enter the lair of the Spider.

Agony is full of repulsive looking creatures — hideous abominations spawned out of torture and despair. This week's feature is no exception. This beast redefines the parameters of hellish form and will make even the toughest of sinners recoil in terror.

This beast lives without fear or conscience. It looks like a spider, yet it isn’t one. This monstrosity is formed from the limbs of the sinners, melted together in a sick, satanic fashion.

Just the sight of this creature is enough to render any soul paralyzed with fear. Feel the repulsion overwhelm your senses as you watch its limbs contort, snap and twist around its body as it moves.

Comprised entirely from the corpses of the sinners, this creature does not think, it does not reason, and it does not discriminate. If you stumble into its lair, the hands of the sinners will latch onto you and consume you.

It mainly lives alone, lurking in the shadows, watching, and waiting for unfortunate and unsuspecting victims to wander into its trap.

The Spider is a deadly killer; it hides in the darkest of shadows and moves in absolute silence. Although having no eyes or ears the hair that seems to ooze from its body absorbs sounds and even fear which the Spider uses to locate its prey with deadly accuracy.

Top tips:

  • The Spider is blind and deaf.
  • Upgrade your characters strength to survive the Spiders first attack.
  • The Spider uses the hair that covers its body to detect prey and move throughout Agony's hellscape.
  • Avoid the Spider by staying away from the shadows.
  • Move in silence whenever a Spider is near.


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