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Welcome to week two of our guide to Agony's terrifying enemies. This week we take a depraved turn towards the unholy temptress of hell, the Succubus.

Traditionally, the Succubus is known as the Lilin demon — the night spirit in female form. She is a conniving, scornful demon who lures men into her fatal claws through sinful seduction.

In Agony, the Succubus is all this and more

Beware the Succubus; she is a flexible, powerful beast that distorts the reality of hell around her. She can manipulate the minds of her prey using the illusion of beauty and compassion. This devious demon can control and deceive even the most powerful of beasts in order to seduce and entrap their souls.

She is a creature of habit, and will always endeavor to enchant her prey with seduction. She was born into hell a vile, glutenous serpent that seeks only to consume the souls of men. Murder and mutilation are a by-product of the Succubus's touch; once she has gotten what she wants, dismemberment and death swiftly follow.

Her power is matched by her cunning, which makes her one of the most formidable demons in the Agony hellscape. Because of this, you will most likely not find her in the proximity of other demons. Either they are afraid of her, or she doesn't want to face a Chort, the only demon she fears.

She is a scavenger — a hunter of the desperate soul — remaining hidden to the world until the need to satisfy the lust for seduction and murder becomes too strong.

There are those who have encountered the Succubus and lived to tell the tale in Agony. The High Priestesses of The Red Goddess herself has lain with the creature. But don't let this tempt you into an encounter; the Succubus is more cunning than you will ever realize.

She will lure you in with false promises and two-faced lies, even as she is disguised as a figure of utmost beauty. But be warned that this shroud of deception covers the scorched body of a demon. If you get that close, it's already too late.

When you hear her cry, steer clear; her promise of ecstasy will only end in Agony.

Top tips:

  • Do not engage in any interaction with the Succubus.
  • The succubus is a very agile climber; she can climb surfaces that other demons cannot.
  • Neve trust the Succubus. She is a cunning beast and answers only to her own agenda.
  • Use the presence of larger demons to dissuade the Succubus's advances. Just don't get too close!
  • She is not as strong as the Chort. Do not engage!
  • She will be able to defeat the Spider and the Onoskelis if you play your cards right.

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