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With the launch of World of Warcraft: Legion, Blizzard introduced a popular new feature, Class Order Halls. A base of operations for players to bring the fight to enemies of Azeroth, each of the 12 new class-based headquarters were designed to give a sense of place and history.

Well, some succeeded brilliantly and others...not so much. We've ranked all 12 from best to worst. Check it out and at the end, let us know what you think.

1. Hunter - Trueshot Lodge

Location: Highmountain

Cool Factor: Hunters can use a special network of eagles to fly to the Lodge only accessible to them

Order Hall Story Summary: Khadgar asks for help tracking down a houndmaster who is feeding mages to his felhounds.

The most popular Order Hall belongs, not surprisingly, to one of the most popular classes in the game. The Trueshot Lodge of the Hunter class was created by an ancient group of elven rangers to protect Azeroth with the blessing of the great eagle.

It mostly consists of a large building housing trophy kills and weapons of lore as well as stables outside for all the hunters' many pets. It also houses many famous WoW hunters that can be recruited such as Hemet Nesingwary and Shandris Feathermoon. Hunters can also meet Rexxar who makes appearances in both Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone as well.

2. Mage - Hall of the Guardian

Location: Dalaran

Cool Factor: There is no way to access this huge mage tower by foot or flight, only by teleportation.

Order Hall Story Summary: With the help of the ancient Guardian Alodi, you must reform the Council of Tirisgarde to fight the Legion.

The floating city of Dalaran serves as a central hub for players in the Legion expansion and also as the location of the Order Hall for the Mage class. The Hall of the Guardian is the largest tower in the city and contains arcane lore from Medivh (you remember him from the Warcraft movie, right?) the last Guardian of Azeroth.

With libraries of magical tomes lining the walls, enchanted brooms sweeping the floors, and arcane elementals roaming the halls, mages really do feel at home in the tower. And if they are feeling too cooped up, they can always take a stroll to the balcony that overlooks all of Dalaran below.

3. Druid - The Dreamgrove

Location: In the far north of Val'Sharah

Cool Factor: All druids have a self-port ability to the class hall they can use at any time.

Order Hall Story Summary: You must save the druid god Malorne from the Emerald Nightmare.

A large, open-air Order Hall, The Dreamgrove is full of spritely centaurs, lumbering Ancients of War, and of course druids in all manner of shapeshifted forms. There are barrows underneath it with druids contemplating nature, moonwells harnessing the power of the arcane, and animated plants tending to the structures.

Next to the Order Hall is the Dreamway, which has a series of portals leading to various part of Azeroth allowing Druids quick transportation. Since it is part of the Emerald Dream, it has been infected with the same Nightmare that is the centerpiece of the raids that are currently underway in the game.

4. Paladin - Sanctum of Light

Location: Eastern Plaguelands

Cool Factor: You return to the Plaguelands to visit a hall of legends hidden under an ancient chapel.

Order Hall Story Summary: Though you saw the leader of your order, Tirion Fordring, die in the pre-expansion event, he is alive and being held by the Legion. You must save him before it's too late.

Unlike many of the other Order Halls which are located in The Broken Isles, the Paladin base of operations is a place that has existed since the game launched: the Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands. To be more exact, underneath it. The entrance is hidden stairwell that reveals itself to worthy Paladins.

In the building is not only Paladins of note, weapons of legend, and quests to defeat the Legion, but also an enormous chapel. In this room you can view the resting place of famous figures on WoW's past as well older Paladin raid armor sets.

5. Rogue - Chamber of Shadows

Location: Underbelly, Dalaran

Cool Factor: Entrance is through a hidden door in a certain shop and you must show the shopkeep your secret insignia to open the door.

Order Hall Story Summary: Use stealth and intrigue to unite a band of pirates and assassins to oust the demon masquerading as SI:7's Spy Master Mathias Shaw.

Back to Dalaran, the Rogue Order Hall rests in the bowels of floating city. While the Mages are high in their towers, the Rogues are slinking down to the Chamber of Shadows where they must flash an insignia to shopkeepers to gain access to a secret passageway for entrance.

While this sounds cool, many players are not happy with having the sewers as their base of operations. With the well-established Assassin guild like Ravenholdt with their own headquarters already in the game, having to share space with the rats doesn't hold much appeal.

6. Shaman - The Maelstorm

Location: The Storm's Eye overlook

Cool Factor: The Earthen Ring shaman, seen throughout WoW's history, are assembled here in the Maelstrom

Order Hall Story Summary: Convince the four Elemental Lords to pledge their loyalty to the cause of defeating the Legion.

Introduced with the Cataclysm expansion, the Maelstrom was created when the Well of Eternity collapsed into the ocean. Now it's the site of the Shaman class hall which floats above it in a series of rocks. Though the Order Hall itself is kinda drab considering its just a bunch of rocks, the idea that you're floating over the Maelstrom is awesome.

7. Monk - The Temple of the Five Dawns

Location: Wandering Isle

Cool Factor: The Isle is a giant floating turtle in the middle of the ocean and the class hall is on its back.

Order Hall Story Summary: You literally must brew alcohol to save the day.

The Temple of the Five Dawns is a floating island that is actually on the back of a giant turtle that is wandering the open sea. Sound familiar? That's because it's the starting area for all Pandaran characters from the Mists of Pandaria being reused as the Monk Order hall.

Some are players are happy with this choice as it's a large, beautiful, open air zone that can't be accessed outside rolling a new Pandaren character. But other players are not happy to see a reused piece of content rolled out for their class hall.

8. Warrior - Skyhold

Location: In the Halls of Valor dungeon above Stormheim

Cool Factor: There is an arena where Warriors can duel NPCs

Order Hall Story Summary: You are slain in battle, but revived by Odyn and sent to lead his forces against the Legion.

Visually, Skyhold is stunning. Based on the Vrykul of Stormheim, the themes of a warrior's afterlife clearly shows through with the Valhalla touches including Odyn on a throne overseeing your endeavors. The complaint is 12 years of Warrior lore in WoW being ignored in favor of this version of a Warrior Order Hall. Too bad some compromise between the two couldn't have been found.

9. Demon Hunter - The Fel Hammer

Location: Mardum, The Fel Hammer

Cool Factor: Accessed by jumping off of the floating city of Dalaran and using the Demon Hunter glide ability to float down to it

Order Hall Story Summary: Invade the Legion jail world with the help of the Illidari

Based in the same area as the Demon Hunter starting zone, The Fel Hammer isn't bad, it just doesn't have the history of any of the other Order Halls. Maybe over time it will grow on us.

10. Warlock - Dreadscar Rift

Location: A Legion portal world in the Nether realm

Cool Factor: Your very own Fel Imp Mother is in residence

Order Hall Story Summary: You must help save the Council of the Dark Harvest, which was taken captive in the Twisting Nether in an attempt to enslave a powerful pit lord in the fight against the Legion.

Well, the Dreadscar Rift is dreary and nightmarish, so points for that, but overall feels lackluster and messy. It seems to be set on an asteroid in the Nether? I suppose that make sense given the Warlock pulls their power from that realm. But where some Order Halls seemed to compact, this one seems all over the place.

11. Priest - Netherlight Temple

Location: In the Twisting Nether

Cool Factor: One of the inhabitants is a Na'aru, a creature of pure holy light

Order Hall Story Summary: Team up with Paladins to drive back the Legion.

Often cited as one of the least-inspired Order Halls, it is essentially one big room bathed in Exodar Purple with two side rooms. The side rooms are dedicated to light and shadow. That's pretty much it. So, yeah, not much thought put into this one compared to the other Order Halls.

12. Death Knight - Archerus: The Ebon Hold

Location: A former Scourge necropolis now parked over the Broken Shore in the Broken Isles

Cool Factor: None

Order Hall Story Summary: Raise four new horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Unanimously, players were the most upset with this Order Hall for much the same reason as the Monk Order Hall: it's a duplicate of an existing in-game location. In this case, the Death Knight starting zone which they already return to often. So now they get to, um, return to it again, while other classes get all new Order Halls. Even in death, this class is getting screwed.


Which Order Hall is your favorite?


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